Latest NABCO Updates – Thursday August 23, 2018

Official Message from NABCO below:

Good day to you all. Just a couple of urgent updates on the roll out of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO). It is important to note that the scheme is oversubscribed by over 40,000 applicants: therefore evaluations are rendered in accordance with a strict criterion which covers: quality of the application, personal entry statement, Interview scores, as well as the discrete scoring for gender and disability.

From today, Thursday, August 23, 2018, the NABCO Secretariat will commence broadcast of notifications to all interviewed applicants.

The message is selection-neutral: both successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive notifications in phases. It will read as follows:


Dear [firstname], login at with NABCO Ref. number: NABCO########6 and your password to check your status.

Once logged on the applicant will see one of two things: selected or waiting list.

Please avoid panic calls as we will work through all evaluated applicants and contact them via SMS.

Also, kindly note that ‘waiting list’ applicants are not unsuccessful applicants. Their status may well change once evaluations are completed.

Avoid pressured telephone calls so we do not stampede the orderly process engineered to ensure placement of all successful interviewees.

For ease of redress please use the helplines on the website or in extreme situations Whatsapp or email the email stated above. We count on your continued cooperation.

Best regards,


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