How Much Does a Bag of Cement Cost in Ghana

One of the most important construction materials in Ghana, cement, can be found all over the country and comes in many different types.

In addition to being uThe sed in everyday construction, cement can also be used to make steel, which is an even stronger building material than concrete.

There are lots of unique things to consider when purchasing cement in Ghana, and the price is just one of those aspects.


This article takes a look at the different factors that go into cement prices in Ghana so that you can figure out exactly how much you will be paying when you’re ready to make your purchase.

The average cost of a bag of cement in Ghana

Currently in Ghana, the average cost for one bag of cement is about GHS 80. A bag of cement weighs about 50 kilograms and can be used to make up to 24 blocks. The price will vary depending on where you purchase it from.

How to get the best deal on cement

For the average person, it’s hard to know how much cement to buy for your project. In order to get the best deal on cement, you’ll have to do some research and ask around. The price of one bag can vary from as low as $3 USD to as high as $5 USD. It all depends on where you purchase it from and what type of cement you need.

Types of cement in Ghana

Cement is the most important material in construction. It is widely used to make concrete, mortar, and stucco. In Ghana there are three major types of cement:

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  2. Rapid-hardening Portland Cement (RPC)
  3. High-range Portland Composite (HRPC)

The cement type used depends on the application and the climate where it will be used.

Ordinary Portland cement

Ordinary Portland cement is used for concreting works that don’t require rapid hardening or high resistance to freezing and thawing.

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Rapid-hardening cement

Rapid-hardening cement is used for works that need rapid hardening or resistance to freezing and thawing.

High-range Portland concrete

High-range Portland concrete is used on large projects such as highways, bridges, and buildings with moderate strength requirements.

The factors that can affect choice of type of cement

  1. Climate
  2. Water availability
  3. Service life required
  4. Tensile strength required
  5. Duration of use
  6. Shrinkage required
  7. Frost resistance required.

Cement brands in Ghana

  1. GHACEM.
  2. Dangote Cement Ghana.
  3. Dzata Cement.
  4. Diamond Cement Ghana.
  5. CIMAF Ghana Cement.
  6. Permafix Industries.
  7. CBI Ghana Limited.
  8. Durachem Ghana.
  9. Western Diamond Cement.

How much does a bag of cement cost in Ghana

Due to the depreciation of the Ghana Cedis, the input costs of the manufacturer has risen which has now made the price of a 50kg bag of cement in Ghana currently to be about 80 or above.

Some retailers of GHACEM, Diamond and Dangote cement vary the price of a bag of cement from GHS 80.00 to GHS 115.00 as of January 2023. The price of Dzata cement is a little cheaper as well as the others.

How much is cement block In Ghana?

The price of a single block in Ghana now costs between GHS 5.00 and GHS 6.50p, while the price of a brick is between GHS 1.50p to GHS 2.00.


Cement is an important material for construction and it can be sold at retail or wholesale. The cost of cement depends on the type, location, and size. So the next time you go looking for a cement, make enquiries and get to know the best one for your needs.

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