How to Become an ECG Prepaid Vendor in Ghana

Since 1994, Ghanaians have enjoyed the convenience of using prepaid meters to top up electricity in their homes, schools, workplaces and more.

The prepaid vending business has also become a very lucrative business for just as many Ghanaians. They do complain about the 1.9% they get for sales made. If you have decided to start this business, it is a good idea, and we will give you the right information you need before you begin.


When starting every business, you will need to allocate money down for different things that you may need to purchase.


You might need to hire a worker. You will need to buy a computer for your operation, a printer, a prepaid quota and others. We say “others” because you might want to add other things to your business.

Perhaps mobile money, small provisions, or even a small café. It all depends on how large you want your business to be.

Physical Structure

You will need to set up a physical structure that befits the business. Whether a concrete structure or a container.

To prevent unnecessary competition and misunderstanding, your place must be 100 meters away from the next vendor.

The business should be located in a good place, even though it is a fact that no matter where you are, people will find you when they need to buy prepaid because of how important it is. Still, when you find a place where people usually ply, you will make money quickly, get recognition and your business runs faster.

Register Your Business

You now have to register your business after putting up a good physical structure and getting enough funding for your business. Registering your business is not a very hefty task.

All you need is patience. We have an article on how to register your business in Ghana. When you successfully register your business, you will need to take the certificate/license to ECG’s main office near you. Add a valid ID to the document as well. You can present a voter’s ID, driver’s license, or passport.

Like we said above, you don’t need an advertisement for this type of business, so we will not include that in this article. You will need a good network provider that will help your business run smoothly.

We all know how annoying it is when you walk from where you live to buy prepaid and hear “the network is bad.” Apart from that, you will also need an efficient worker if you will not be handling the business yourself.

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Depending on the commission you will receive from ECG alone, it can harm your business. Especially in these hard times when the economy of Ghana keeps crippling to its feet. It is important to add another small business, like Mobile money.

They both work with commissions, and it will be easier to track your income at the end of the month. If you feel that you will not be able to handle both businesses, you can add small provisions.

The government of Ghana has been planning for a long time to make it easier for citizens to purchase prepaid online, and very soon, people will take that on. Hence, if you plan to start a prepaid vending business, do it now. Always remember to employ an individual who has your business’s best interest at hand.

For more information, you can contact the electricity company of Ghana on:


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