Why should you See an Obstetrician During Pregnancy in Ghana?

Obstetricians are a kind of gynecologist who cares for pregnant women from the early stages of pregnancy to the time of delivery. They give advice and directions to pregnant women to ensure their health and that of their child is in good shape. Many people would say that they have mothers and grandmothers to care for them during pregnancy so why the need to have an obstetrician?

What special care do Obstetricians give?

During pregnancy, you will need to visit your obstetrician for routine tests and checkups to know if there is anything wrong with you or your child. Your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and lungs will be checked regularly, so will your breasts. If there will be any complications, they would know and find solutions as soon as possible.

Your obstetrician will let you know if you need lifestyle changes that will help you and your baby. If you smoke or drink, you will need to stop as soon as possible to protect your child. Your sex routines will need to change at some point in time. What kinds of foods are good for you during pregnancy? Which ones should you avoid? Would you need to do some types of exercises? Your obstetricians will let you know.


Your doctor will let you know which vitamins you need to take. taking Folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, DHA and Iodine are necessary to be a healthy mother with a healthy child. There many such vitamins in the market that your obstetrician will prescribe for you to take during the pregnancy.

obstetricians help keep track of your baby’s growth and position. The use of an ultrasound scan otherwise known as a sonogram the check and monitor the unborn baby using high-frequency waves. With a sonogram, your obstetrician can know how your baby is doing and diagnose it of any illness if he or she sees it. If your child will be born with an ailment, you will not know if you don’t see a doctor.

Who needs to see an obstetrician more?

Every woman needs to have a doctor when she gets pregnant, but there are some women who should not do away without one. Women aged 35 and above who are pregnant should see an obstetrician because usually, such women have reached the age where their fertility normally declines, that is why they must be taken care of, doctors need to pay more attention to them to detect any complications early and treat it.

Women with underlying health conditions need obstetricians. Having diabetes, sickle cell disease, and many such ailments while pregnant can be risky and requires more attention and care.

Women also need to have an obstetrician because they may develop some medical problems during pregnancy. It is possible to find out you have any of the above-mentioned ailments while you are pregnant, it can put a lot of fear, stress, and anxiety on the pregnant woman. She will need a lot of care, routine check-ups, and encouragement from her doctor.


If you are financially stable, you can have your obstetrician who will be there for you anytime you want and pay a little more attention to you, but if you don’t, regular checkups at the hospital with their gynecologist can also do the trick. You and your baby deserve the best, so invest in it.

Airport Women’s Hospital, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology department of the Korle Bu teaching hospital, Egon German Clinic, Efan Clinic are a few medical centers with the best obstetricians. There are many more out there. Invest and give birth to a happy child, happy children, happy family.

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