Where to buy WAEC Scratch Cards in Ghana

If you are here, then it means you want to know where you can purchase WAEC results scratch card. In this article we will be showing you where you can buy the WAEC results scratch card in bulk for your school or incase you want to purchase and sell at your stores.

What is WAEC results scratch card

The WAEC scratch card is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side. Concealed on this scratch patch is a PIN that will be required from you in order to check your WAEC result via the WAECDIRECT service. The scratch card is marked “WAECDIRECT …. Access Card” on the front side of the card.

Shortcode to buy all WAEC Scratch Cards in Ghana


You can dial *800*055# to buy all the different WAEC Scratch cards for checking BECE, WASSCE, and other results. Payment is done via Mobile Money.

Where to buy WAEC scratch card in Ghana

The list below are offices where you can buy WAEC Scratch card in bulk for reselling purposes or others. However, if you want to buy a single scratch card to check your results when they are out, then checkout on how to buy a WAEC results checker card in Ghana.

WAEC Scratch Card Office CityLocationTelephone Number
AccraGhana National Office, Examination Loop (Behind Ridge Hospital)233-021-685901- 4
KumasiWAEC Branch Office, Near Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)233-051-26064 / 34452 / 34454/34448
SekondiWAEC Branch, Office, Near Regional Administration, Sekondi233-031-46334 / 46041
Cape CoastWAEC Branch Office, Adisadel Estate233-042-32878
KoforiduaWAEC Branch Office, Old Estate Road233-081-20922 / 20923 / 20075 / 20921
HoWAEC Branch Office, Accra Road (Opposite SCC/Ghana Highways Authority Offices)233-091-28254
SunyaniWAEC Branch Office, (Behind Ghana Legion and District Assembly Offices)233-061-27016 / 24462
TamaleWAEC Branch Office, (Kalpohin Estates)233-071-23092 / 23421
BolgatangaWAEC Branch Office, SOE Residential Area (Near Catering Rest House)233-072-23232 / 24267
WaWAEC Branch Office, Regional Administration233-0756-22278

Does WAEC scratch card expire?

No! WAEC Result Checker does not expire and each card can be used up to 3 times for one candidate.

How much is WAEC scratch card in Ghana ?

The price of WAEC Scratch Card ranges from GHS 10 to GHS 15 for a single purchase and GHS 8 to GHS 10 when buying them in bulk at the various WAEC offices.

How can I check my WAEC results?

  1. Go to WAEC result checking official portal at www.waecdirect.org.
  2. Fill in the needed spaces where required with your Scratch card details, your year of completion and also your date of birth.
  3. Proceed to check your results and print it out.

Final words

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WAEC Scratch Cards are a vital tool for any student who wants to check their WAEC exams results. There are several ways and outlets where you can get these cards. No matter what your method of purchasing may be, it’s important to make sure that you buy the cards from a reliable source.

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