Where to Buy Grasscutter and Other Bush Meat in Ghana

Finding meat in Ghanaian markets is not difficult, but the variety can be lacking if you are not living in Accra or Kumasi, where imports from all over West Africa can be found. Also, some of most traditional meats can be difficult to find and at times expensive.

Grasscutter, also known as African rabbit, is one of Ghana’s most delicious meat, popular in every region across the country.

So, if you are living in Ghana or planning to visit the country and want to buy grasscutter, goat meat, or bush meat, you might wonder where the best place to get it is. In this article, we will talk about local markets and places where you can buy grasscutter and other bushmeats in Ghana.



Grass cutters are the type of rodent indigenous to West Africa. They are also known as African rats, and in Ghana, it is called “akrante3” in the local Twi dialect.

Where to find grasscutters

Grass cutters are rare animals. Not big or small. They are not good for farming because they can eat all your crops. They also make lots of noise at night when they come out from the burrows. They like to be near water, so you can find them near rivers, lakes, and streams. The grasscutter is one of the most hunted animals in Africa because it is tasty and many people like eating it.

Where in Ghana can you get grasscutter and other bush meat to buy

Most of the time, it is possible to find grass cutters for sale in the market. However, certain areas of the country have higher rates of availability than others. For example, a city like Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Koforidua, or Cape Coast, will be much more likely to have them available than a smaller town. In the cities, you can often find them in popular markets like:


  1. Atwemonom
  2. Kejetia
  3. Central market


  1. Kantamanto
  2. Santana meat shop
  3. Nima Market
  4. Agbogbloshie
  5. Osu Night Market


  1. Cental market
  2. Agatha Market
  3. Adweso Market

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  1. Wednesday Market
  2. Nana Bosoma Market

Cape Coast

  1. Kotokuraba Market

Mostly in Ghana, when you are driving and you pass through the smaller towns, hunters who do not have funds or sources to send their grasscutters and other bush meats to the major markets mostly stand beside the roads showcasing the grasscutters to drivers passing by. You can get some to buy in such a way and mostly, they are cheaper than the above-mentioned markets.

List of some commonly hunted bush meats in Ghana

  1. Cane rat (Grasscutter)
  2. Squirrel
  3. Antelope
  4. Rabbit
  5. African brush-tailed porcupine
  6. Deer
  7. Turtle
  8. Blue Duiker
  9. Guinea fowl
  10. Golden cat, etc.


The internet is full of recipes for all types of bushmeats, but it can also be difficult to find it in local markets. As the demand for these delicacies continues to grow, supermarkets are starting to stock them. For now though, the best way to find grasscutters and other bush meats is through an outdoor market or a butcher shop.

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