What is the 2022 BECE Results Portal & how to use it

The Bece Results Portal is an online platform that provides access to the BECE results of candidates across the country. It is a web-based system that allows candidates to access their results and also provides various other services related to the BECE exam. It is managed by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The portal provides a wide range of services to candidates, including access to their results, the ability to download the results, and access to important documents related to the exam. Candidates can also view their school’s performance by year, review their scorecards, and access other relevant information regarding their performance.

The portal also provides an online library of resources related to the BECE exam. This includes information on exam registration, exam preparation, exam pattern, sample questions and answers, and other relevant materials. Candidates can also access the syllabus, sample papers, and practice test papers.


To access WAEC BECE results portal, visitr https://eresults.waecdirect.org.

Requirements needed to access BECE results portal

  1. WAEC Result Checker voucher (Serial Number & PIN).
  2. A phone or computer with an active internet connection
  3. A printing machine (optional)
  4. Your WAEC index number

Where to get BECE result checker voucher

Before you can be able to use the BECE results portal, you need to have your e-Voucher. You can purchase your e-Voucher from the places below;

  1. Shortcode – *800*055#
  2. Post Offices (GhanaPost)
  3. Internet Cafe
  4. WAEC regional offices
  5. Online vendors – resultschecker.com.gh

How to use BECE result portal

To check your results on the portal,

  1. Visit https://eresults.waecgh.org
  2. Enter your Index Number on the input field
  3. Select your Examination type (BECE).
  4. Select the year of Examination
  5. Enter your date of birth in the input field.
  6. Enter the Serial Number and the 12-digit PIN on BECE result checker scratch card.
  7. Confirm your Index Number and Examination Year.
  8. Click on Submit for your BECE results to be displayed.

NB: You can do other activities based on what you will select when you first open the portal. At the top of the page, glance through the various things you cab do with the portal and click on any. Majorly, the portal is used to check WAEC results.

Final words

The portal is designed to provide easy access to BECE results and other related information. The portal is also designed to help students prepare for their exams and ensure that they are ready for success. It is an essential tool for any BECE student.

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