Two Online Jobs That Pay Through Mobile Money In Ghana

Most of the time people ask me about how they can work and get paid through mobile money from the comfort of their homes. To help, I have compiled the list of two legitimate websites that will pay you working from the comfort of your home. 

One thing most people get wrong all the time is the definition of “Online Jobs”. A lot of people think working from your computer is going to be easier than working in somebody’s office and getting paid at a fixed price. 

Online jobs are perfect if you really want to make unlimited income but it is twice as hard as working in some company offline that gives you fixed salary.


If you think working online is a way you looking for to run away from hard-work, then you are definitely not going to make a dime online. To start an online job is harder than starting an offline business by yourself.

With this in mind, lets look at the list I have for you. 

Jumia Affiliate 

My number one top program that will pay you commissions based on how hard you work in Ghana through mobile money is Jumia Ghana. Jumia is an online shopping website that deals in variety of products, from fashion trends to high end consumer electronics. 

While some Jumia products will be really cheaper than the ones on the physical market, some are really expensive. 

All you have to do is find the cheaper products, show case them on your website, Facebook page, groups, twitter, etc to people who need them and when they buy any item through your unique link, you get a commission which you can withdraw through mobile money. 

No CV, Application letter or job interview required. All you have to do is sign up online and you are good to go.

It is as simple as said but it is a very difficult task. If you are very serious with this and you have all the marketing techniques an affiliate need, you could be making unlimited income from Jumia Ghana.

15 Ghana

This is an awesome platform that a lot of hard-working Ghanaians should take advantage of.

On this platform, you convert your dormant skills and talents into money. Assuming you know how to write articles, you can just post a gig here that you are an article writer.

People who are in need of writers will buy your gig and when you deliver they will pay you per the amount you demanded. 

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You can get as much as Ghc 10 – 30 for every 300-word article you write. Also, this platform is not limited to only writers. It is an opened platform for anything you can do.

Designing, painting, writing, voice recording, cartoon animation, video editing, advertising, beat making, anything you know how to do. 

When you get paid, you can request a payout through mobile money.

In my future articles, I will write how to take advantage of 15Ghana to make money online. But for now, you can just sign up with this link.


Online jobs are not limited to the two I just mentioned above but like I always say; “I can’t recommend something I have not tried” and since my main focus is also on sites that pay through mobile money, I think these two are the perfect match. 

Note that if you lazy around, you won’t get anything and it will feel like you are wasting your time but to be frank, these sites pay really well depending on how hard you work. 

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