List of Top Travel And Work Abroad Agencies In Ghana

With Ghana’s struggling economy, the country loses human resources to other countries all the time.

With the help of travel and work agencies, unemployed graduates and individuals go to these financial and economic- stable countries to work and gain income, learn a trade and sometimes return to Ghana to make use of the knowledge acquired

In consequence, traveling to work abroad is not only advantageous to the individual but also the economy of Ghana. 


If you are an unemployed graduate who is looking to travel to Europe, Canada, or the Middle East to work through a legit travel and work agency, continue reading this article for more information.

What would you need to apply for such an opportunity? How do you go about it?

Every agency with their requirement, but generally, one will need to send their curriculum vitae/resume with a passport photo to the emails of any of these agencies.

They will review your resume and send you an application form to fill if you are eligible. After going through all employment contracts and finalizing all paper works, you will be presented with a work permit.

Below are legitimate travel and work agencies in Ghana that will see to it that your dream of working abroad become a reality. 

Here is a list of the top companies in Ghana that provide work and travel abroad services:

Achilink Travel Consult, Kumasi

Working together with Ghana Tourism Authority, Immigration Law Practitioners, and Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, Achilinks Travel consult provides recruitment opportunities and job placements in Canada, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. 

Which sector of business are you involved or hoping to get involved in? Is it banking and finance, healthcare, information, and technology or engineering? Achilinks Travel consult has got you covered.

They will guide you into your choice of work and shape you into “professionals with exceptional abilities”

Achilink Travel Consult other services include, business registrations, visa services, and assisting you to study abroad with a scholarship.

Contact Information and Location

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Locate Achilink Travel Consult at Kumasi, K. Oppong Ave, New Manhyia Extension. 

Call them on 024 831 5956/ 050 338 6022

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address:

P.O Box 14970
Kumasi, Ghana.

Jaketoms Sunworld Travel Limited, Accra

Sunworld Travel Limited is a private sector company that specializes in recruitment and job placement as well as travel consultancy, air ticketing, the general supply of goods, and flight reservations.

They guarantee visas to countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sunworld has been in operation for 4 years and they focus mainly on engineers and construction workers to work in Europe and its environs.

As one of the authentic recruitment agencies in Ghana, they take pride in getting you to where you want to be in licit ways. 

Contact Information and Location

Find Sunworld Travel Limited at Gbawe Main street, Accra. Near clinic junction

Their working days are Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Contact them on 020 881 0046

Or visit their website for more information.

SOS Labour, Accra

SOS Labour is an award-winning limited liability Company with branches in Ghana and the other in Alberta, Canada. They specialize in job placement and recruitment.

A company that trains workers, put skilled and unskilled persons on a certified global worker program before processing them for job placements abroad.

They also counsel and guide prospective workers who are to work in Canada, Dubai, the USA, and the Uk. SOS Labour takes carpenters, masons, welders, mechanics, and low skilled workers. 

Are you a job seeker with little or no experience who is aiming to work abroad? SOS Labour is the place to go to.

Contact Information and Location

Locate SOS Labour building at community 10, Tema. 7/31 Paa Grant Close.

Call them on 054 910 9797/030 3304 344

Email: [email protected]

Sanisa Travel And Recruitment Agency

Sanisa travel agency works hand in hand with an EU company in Poland that recruits eligible and energetic workers.

They also offer tours and vacation packages, students also have the opportunity to study abroad. 

Are you looking for workers for your company in Ghana as well? Contact Sanisa Recruitment Agency.

Contact Information and Location

Sanisa has a branch in Belgium and one here in Ghana. Located at Achimota Mile 7.

Call them on 050 719 4300 for inquiries.

Or their website 

Global Manpower Recruitment Agency

Since 2012, global manpower has been recruiting qualified workers to work abroad and in Ghana. Their vision is to become one of the best human resource providers across the globe.

They recruit cleaners, nurses, artisans, drivers, house helps, teachers. Etc. to work in countries in the middle east such as Kuwait, Dubai, turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and the likes.

Contact information and Location

Call them on 024 475 1054 

Situated at Ashaley botwe school junction, Accra

Mikor Dubai 

As their name suggests, they are sending you to Dubai to work with guaranteed accommodation. 

10 years in the travel industry, they offer job placements and visas within 48 hours.

With several testimonies from individuals, Mikor Dubai travel agencies seem to one of the best travel ad work agencies in Ghana.

Contact Information and Location

They are located at Lashibi, Transformer junction (off Nungua Barrier-Tema road)

Call them on 050 683 5218/ 050 200 3601/ 059 393 6186

Email: [email protected] 


Travel agencies abound, but it is essential to work with legal and legitimate companies who promise to deliver you to your destination and provide you with jobs that will benefit you in the long run. 

Contact any of the agencies listed above for more information about how they work, what their requirements are, and how long it will take to process your demands. ,

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