Tourism in Ghana: Is Ghana Safe for Foreigners?

Ghana is the hub for tourists because of the many attractions we have. We have many things to boast of, minerals, historic forts and castles, national parks and reserves, beaches, and unique cultures.

When countries in West Africa are called for their tourist attractions, Ghana can stand tall with some of the best and most resourceful attractions.

We have a large tropical coastline that is very true, with lush vegetation and a dynamic climate that makes it easy to locate and preserve these attractions.
Apart from these, we can also boast of having numerous hotels and resorts to accommodate tourists.


And let’s not forget that accommodation and transportation are integral to a wholesome tourist experience.

Ghana is peaceful. Tourists have nothing to be afraid of when they think of coming here. It was ranked the most peaceful country in West Africa and the third globally in 2020. How amazing is that?!

Another analysis also showed that it is the 63rd safest country globally with a 10.27 Global Finance Safety Index score, considering ongoing international and domestic conflict, societal safety, and security and militarization.

Like every other country, there are always people who break the laws, but the security in the country is tight enough; even though it may take some time, issues of national security concerns are taken seriously.

As a tourist, it is important to know the laws governing a country before you do, so that in any case, you may be able to defend yourself. Still, a tourist will barely have anything to worry about because we know for a fact that Ghanaians are one of the most hospital people in Africa.

The ministry of tourism regulates tourism in Ghana. Tourism generates revenue for the country and provides employment opportunities for many individuals in the country. It is one of the pillars holding up the economy of Ghana that is why it Depreciated when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

It stopped the movement of people from other countries to Ghana. Tourism brings us money. That is why the safety of tourists cannot be over-emphasized and is the same reason why if a Ghanaian should do something bad to a foreigner, the citizen will severely punish them.

Such cases are not even recorded in the country. Killing, stealing, or hurting a tourist? No. It is like biting the hand that feeds you.

So the question of the safety of foreigners has a simple answer, Yes, it is safe, very safe as a matter of fact.

According to analysis, Ghana’s revenue from tourism keeps increasing over the years back to the revenue Ghana generates from tourism. By 2027, the country is estimated to have annually raked $8.3 billion from the tourism sector per year! Out of an estimated 4.3 million international tourist arrivals.

Tourism does not only benefit Ghana. It benefits tourists as well. It serves as a source of recreation; our beaches, waterfalls, and reserves serve that purpose.
There is also knowledge of history. We have many forts, castles, and museums preserved to remind us of our struggle for liberation in the past. Here, foreigners can also learn.

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Some of our tourist sites also serve the purpose of general amusement for foreigners. In short, tourists are not paying us for free.

If you are a foreigner reading this article and wish to visit Ghana because we have convinced you enough, you can go many places you can go and many things you can do, below are some of the places you can visit, take photos, relax, and relax and learn.

  • Kakum national park
  • Mole National park
  • Cape Coast castle
  • Elmina castle
  • Lake Bosomtwe
  • Larabanga mosque
  • Tenzug Shrine
  • James fort
  • Ussher fort
  • George Castle
  • Kwame Nkrumah memorial park and mausoleum
  • Manhyia Palace
  • Lake Volta
  • Boti falls
  • Wli falls
  • Kintampo falls
  • Aburi botanical gardens
  • Legon botanical gardens
  • Kumasi Zoo
  • Achimota Zoo
  • Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Afadja Mountain
  • Mountain Paradise
  • Nzulezu Village
  • Tagbo Falls

While you are in Ghana, leave behind the pizza, french fries and chicken, noodles, and more, and have a taste of our local dishes, board our most popular public transport “trotro” and learn a bit of our language.

Stay long enough to witness some festivities. There are 16 regions in Ghana, each with its festivals and culture. Still, if you don’t want to get involved in anything sacred, you can always stay for “chalewote” festival of art, music, and dance celebrated every August or Panafest.

Ghana should be your number one tourist destination when you land anywhere in Africa, especially when you visit our brothers in Nigeria, don’t forget to come to Ghana. Who knows? You might find your soulmate here!

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