Top tips to Know before you Start driving on Bolt/Uber/Yango in Ghana

Joining the ride-sharing business is not a bad idea, though it has its shortcomings. People who do it are making good money.

University graduates in Ghana have been reduced to Uber and Bolt drivers because there are not enough white-collar jobs and it is helping most of them.

You can make money from driving for Uber, Bolt, or Yango, but there are a few things you need to know before you begin and we will enlighten you.

Type of Car (Model & Fuel Economy)


The first and most important thing to consider before starting the business is the type of car to use.

You can’t use a Range Rover or a Lexus for an Uber. You will lose so much money and become more frustrated than you are at the moment. You need a car that has a moderate fuel-consuming capacity.

The car needs to be fuel-efficient because you will not park the car at one place, you will move from place to place. Kia Picanto, Toyota Vitz, Matiz, Toyota Yaris, and Nissan Sentra are some of the best options. They are fuel-efficient, small, and strong enough for the job.

Once you can acquire any of these fuel-efficient cars, you are good to go.

Surge Times for Driving

The second thing to know that that working till late, brings more money. It is mostly in the evenings that people need rides from work, occasions, schools, and more. But it is usually risky.

There have been many robbery cases recorded in the country in recent times, both at night and in broad daylight.

The robbers sometimes strangle drivers from behind and steal their cars, they sometimes throw stones into the car and cause the drivers to lose balance. They are either after your money or car.

But what job is without risk? What can you do to protect yourself? This takes us to our next point.

Safety first when driving

You can always cancel a trip if you don’t want to go to where they are directing you to. When a passenger orders for a ride, it doesn’t indicate on your phone where exactly they are headed.

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When a passenger describes a place you find risky or strange, you can always cancel the trip and decide not to go.

Do not put tainted glass on your car, allow the public to see anything that is happening in your car. And if you realize that you might not get anyone to carry on your way back, don’t bother, you will waste your fuel.

We mentioned the type of cars that are fuel-efficient and are good for the job.

To add to that, the ride-sharing companies care about the amount of fuel you use that is why when you find yourself in traffic while trying to complete a ride, the passenger’s fare automatically increases.

Your fuel will not go to waste because you found yourself in traffic. That is one good thing about technology.

Take advantage of Promotions

The ride-sharing companies give your bonus rides so that you can make some more money.

If you can complete some rides before the time given, you will get more money, and this is also one of the best things about the business.

You can also make extra money from long journeys, especially if you will have to bring the passenger back.

On your way back, you can decide on the amount the passenger has to pay. This is where asking the passenger if he or she will be coming back is important.

Responsible Offline Trips can help

You can always make friends while you are on the go. Make friends and ask them to call you if they need a ride.

When you complete a ride that hasn’t been recorded on the ride-sharing app, the money you make is all yours. But if you complete a ride on the app, they take their share.

That is why it is also important to make friends with people you pick up. Perhaps you meet someone who would like to go on a tour around the country, imagine the amount of money you will make from that.

One last thing to add is the flexible hours. Work at your own time and convenience.

You can turn off your application whenever you want and turn it back on to work. You can skip a day or two and no one will question you. It is like having your own business but you still work under someone.

It is lucrative and has saved many people from starvation. But always keep in mind that working early in the mornings and evenings are the busiest, you will make more money at these times.


You can make good money from driving an Uber, especially if the car is yours. Everything you make goes into your pockets but if you have to pay your car owners every week, you will need to work a little harder to make enough money.

You can make up to GHS 700 or more within a week, it all depends on how hard and smart you can work.

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