Top Restaurants in Accra, Ghana for a Romantic Date

Do you want to take your partner on a date at a restaurant where class, elegance, and modernity is their distinguishing characteristic?

Perhaps you want to ditch the regular mini fast-food restaurants for a change. We will introduce you to a few brilliant restaurants you can take your partner to, and you will not regret it.

Below are our top picks;



Skybar is on the 25th floor of Alto Tower, one of the tallest buildings in West Africa.

This is where you come face to face with elegance and sophistication accompanied by good food and drinks. Get to watch the locality with your lover under clear skies. This is a place you can experience luxury at its finest.

The price of their food menu ranges between GHS 60 and GHS 130. What do you love to eat? Pork belly bites? Chicken quesadillas? Caviar? Skybar has got you.

Call them to book a reservation on 056 082 4725

Send an email through [email protected]

Alto Tower is located on North Airport road. Come and dine.

The Neem Grill

The romantic atmosphere at The Neem Grill, especially at night, is exceptional. This is where nature and modernity meet.

A date night at Neem Grill is all you need. Two at a table, a personal chef, under the dim lights and a serene atmosphere. The food is awesome and customer service is commendable.

The Neem Grill is where you can experience quality outdoor dining. Pizza, seafood, barbecue, and African food are on their menu. There are vegan options as well. Get value for your money while dining at The Neem Grill.

The Neem Grill is located at East Airport, Mama Adjeley road.

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Call them on 055 944 4945

Coco Lounge

Exquisite architecture and modern light setting accompanied by good food and drinks, that is what you get at Coco Lounge. The café style environment offers customers comfortability and luxury at the same time.

This is a place you would want to take your partner on a Friday night after a busy week. If you have between GHS 60 and GHS 150, you can dine at Coco Lounge. Pizza, noodles, prawn rolls, huevos rancheros, e.t.c are on their menu.

And oh, don’t miss tequila Thursdays at Coco Lounge if you are a fan of everything Mexican. Do you want to know if Coco Lounge is worth the hype? Visit them.

Call them on 024 422 2202 to make a reservation.

Coco Lounge is located at Airport City, N Liberation Link.

Sai Wine and Champagne Café

Sai Wine say they are Ghana’s first and leading wine café. Bringing wine, whiskey, and tasty food together in a conducive environment. This is the exact place to be when you ask your partner to talk over a few drinks.

If you are a wine lover, someone who can tell the name of a particular wine just by smelling it, this is a place for you. They have allocated days for art brunches, baby showers, wine tasting, and more. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Then call to make a reservation today.

Call Sai Wines on 020 690 5257

Locate them at Osu, Ako Adjei, Accra.

Soho – Sushi Bar and Restaurant

If modern architecture gingers you, this is the place to be. A beautiful and luxurious atmosphere with just the right ambiance.

The food is great, give you value for your money. Perhaps you want to propose to your lady on that day, or you generally have good news for your partner, or you two want to celebrate an achievement, this is the place.

Japanese food, seafood, chicken dishes and more, are on their menu. Visit Soho to decide if it’s worth the hype.

Locate Soho at Airport City, Marina Mall.

Call 024 633 3111 to make a reservation

Send an email through [email protected]

Bloom Bar

The list wouldn’t be complete without Bloom Bar. Ghanaians love this place, your partner probably does too. Musician Kidi didn’t say “next time you’re in Ghana, I’ll take you to Bloom Bloom” for no reason.

Two at a table, clear skies and bright lights, and amazing food are what Bloom Bar has to offer. Cocktail, meat platter, chicken dishes, beef slides, and more are on their menu. The fact that celebrities go here to eat and enjoy Themselves doesn’t mean you can’t too.

You can dine in or take your meal home.

Call them on 055 249 8524

Bloom Bar is located on Troas Street, Osu.

Bedouin Pool Lounge

At Bedouin, you get to swim in a clean large pool with your partner and enjoy a delicious meal afterward . This place is less expensive but offers equal great services. Pizza, noodles, and rice dishes are on their menu.

Many entainment activities go on at the lounge from time to time as well. Bedouin is located at Lizzy Complex, Cotten Street, Accra.

Call them on 023 330 1070

Come and dine in.

Other amazing restaurants worth mentioning;

  • Santoku Restaurant and Bar; 054 431 1511, Airport.
  • Luna Rooftop; 024 081 1598, inside Marina Mall.

Once in a while, it is important to show that special someone that they really are special to you. Pick them up, take them to an expensive restaurant, spend on them and talk over a few drinks. And oh, if you don’t have a car, we have an article on companies that offer self-drive car rental services in Ghana. Good luck

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