Top Markets in Kumasi and Goods to Get There

Kumasi has a few rich and colorful markets in Ghana. Clean markets housing fresh food, produce clothing, artifacts, and more.

The aromatic smell of spices and food, the friendliness of market women, and the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want to buy are the joy of visiting the marketplace at Kumasi. 

Get your pocket stuffed before you visit any of the markets below because you will see many things you would love to purchase. Check them out below;

Kejetia Market


Kejetia is the largest single market in West Africa. Whatever you need, you will find it at the center of Kumasi. People from all over the Asanti region and its environs come to Kejetia to trade, buy and sell goods.

The market is always busy with items for tourists and locals. Whenever you are in Kumasi, you should visit the Kejetia market for a shopping experience you have never had before. Get ready to shove other shopping-excited individuals, head potters, and traders.

Asafo Market

The Asafo Market is a trading center in Kumasi. It was named Nkrumah market, after Ghana’s former president Kwame Nkrumah but later changed with Asafo Marker when overthrown.

The Asafo market is another go-to marketplace for all your needs. From food to clothes and furniture. Everything you want, you will get at Asafo market. You will also find new things you would like to try.

Bantama Market

Bantama is also one of the biggest markets in Kumasi. It is located near the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Suntreso, Kumasi.

Ayigya Market

Ayigya is situated near the Campus taxi stand at Ayigya. One of the biggest marketplaces in the Asante Region. It serves the people of Ayigya, and its environs, thus, Susanso, Boso, and others. Most importantly, it serves the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology students.

Suame Market

Suame Market is near Goil Fuel Station and the Suame police station. It serves the people of Suame and its environs. The market is pretty close to the Kejetia Market. So if you are at the Kejetia market, you can also visit Suame.

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Agogo Market

Locate Agogo market near Agogo lorry station and close to Kumasi south urban health center. 

What to buy at markets in Kumasi

Kumasi is a city rich with everything you will find in the capital, Accra. You will find food in their fresh states at the marketplaces above since many farming communities are in the Asanti Region.

Fresh food is barely imported because everything is grown there. You will get whatever you need, from vegetables to spices to meat, at these markets.

There are clothes, African clothes, sewn with you in mind. There are also rich African fabrics, i.e., kente and more, for you to purchase.

Beads and other artifacts are also available at very affordable and negotiable prices. The market women are super friendly, so yes, prices are negotiable. 

There are also souvenirs for tourists to buy and take with them. Many items are unique to Ghana.

There are shoes, bags, clothes, and many more. 

There are amazing street foods you can try as well.

Visit any of these markets whenever you’re in Kumasi and enjoy a new shopping experience.

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