Top Make-up Schools in Ghana: Courses, Tuition fees, and Contact Information

Many young ladies and women go to schools to learn makeup artistry, cosmetology, and beauty therapy because that is what people are patronizing now.

Nowadays, people prefer ‘fashion designers’ over seamstresses and tailors. It’s now beauticians, nail technicians, and beauty therapists, and they have all stepped up their games.

Instead of becoming an apprentice and learn on the job, people now go to schools with certificates to learn and train for the profession.


There are many makeup artistry schools in the country that you can attend, but there are a few schools that have been in the system for a very long time. Below are three such schools.

With a JHS, SHS, or Tertiary certificate, you can gain admission to any of these schools.

FC Beauty

FC Beauty has been in the industry for more than 18 years. Registered under the Ghana Education Service and Affiliated with City and Guilds, British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, International Technical Educational Training of UK and Aesthetic Research Institute, California, USA,

The school has state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned lecturers. They take on beauty therapy, cosmetology, and hairdressing.

They were the winners of Make-up Awards Beauty School of the year in 2016. The school overs an array of courses for you to choose from. Below is an outline of the course contents.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Level 1)

Anatomy and physiology 1

Swedish massage

Spa manicure and pedicure

Nail technology

Eye technology

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Facial therapy

Makeup artistry

Facial treatments

Beauty business management

Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Level 2/Spa Therapy)

Students must achieve all competence at the diploma in beauty therapy Level 2 and its equivalents to take any of these courses.

Anatomy and physiology 2

Special effects makeup

Facial electrotherapy


Body treatments

Hand and foot massage

Hair removal


Indian head massage

Body electrotherapy

Diploma in Beauty Therapy 3 and Spa Treatment

Students must achieve all competence at the diploma in beauty therapy Levels 1,2, and 3 and its equivalents.

Course contents are everything in levels 1, 2 and 3

Diploma in hair technology


Diploma in cosmetology

Beauty and spa therapy

Hair technology

Soap making

Lotion and creams


Advanced Diploma courses

Advanced diploma course in beauty therapy Level 4

Advanced diploma in beauty therapy Level 5 medical aesthetics.

Contact Information

The school is located on Matter Carpenter Street, Accra. For information on their tuition fees and more, go to the school to inquire.

Or call 0244 233 494/ 0242 786 761

Send them an email through [email protected].

2nd Image

2nd Image says age is not a barrier. They will train you in beauty, hair, fashion, and technology.

2nd Image have trained many young ladies and women in and around Ghana. They have had many hair and beauty products under their name since 1986.

They have been taking care of many of Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestants over the years. All you need is a JHS, SHS, or Tertiary certificate to enter.

They offer;

Certificate 1 Courses(JHS graduates)

Hair and beauty ( 2 -3 years)

Beautician (6 months)

Hair Braiding (4 months)

Manicure and pedicure (6 weeks)

Basic barbering (6 weeks)

Grooming and personal enhancement (4 weeks)

Dressmaking (1 year)

Certificate 2 Courses (Diploma)

Beauty specialist (1 year)

Hairdressing (1 year, 3 months)

Cosmetology ( 2 years, 3 months)

Facial therapy (9 months)

Body massage (3 months)

Master hair class ( 8 weeks)

Fashion and clothing (2 years)

Fashion and design specialization (6 months)

Advanced Diploma

Spa Therapy (9 months)

Higher national diploma courses

Some special courses

Some ICT courses

Contact Information

For information on tuition fees and more, visit the school, they are located next to Adabraka Police Station, Accra.

Or call 030 222 1376 or 0243 331 999 for more information.

GH Cosmetology

GH Cosmetology is one of GH schools. They train and teach poised individuals who want to take on cosmetology courses.

They have good teachers and the needed equipment to facilitate learning. Their courses include;

Short courses( 6 months)

Makeup artistry

Bridal makeup and hairstyling

Pedicure and manicure


Facial therapy

Makeup effects

Hair extensions

Cosmetology ( 2years)

Hair Dressing (Basic To Advance)

Manicure /Pedicure

Nail technology

Eye technology

Facial therapy

Waxing and tweezing

Makeup artistry

Body scrubbing

Swedish massage

Deep tissue

Salon health and safety

Anatomy and physiology

Beauty Therapy (1 and half years)

Manicure /pedicure

Nail technology

Eye technology

Facial therapy

Waxing and tweezing

Makeup artistry

( day makeup evening, bridal makeup, photographic makeup, special effect)


Hairdressing (1 year)

Shampooing and conditioning

Setting and dressing

Styling (basic hair styling, long hair styling, thermal styling, bridal hairstyling)

Perming and neutralizing

Haircutting /Hair coloring

Hair extension

Plaiting and twisting

Scalp treatment

Hair treatment

Salon management

Massage and body therapist

Preheat treatment


Indian head massage

Hot stone massage


Thai massage


Aromatherapy/oil blending

Body scrubbing and masking

Body waxing

Contact Information

The school is located on Abofu Street, Achimota.

Send them an email through [email protected] or call 030 2424 909

For information on their tuition fee, visit their website


The importance of having hands-on job training is that you can take it everywhere you go and make enough money. After school, you can choose to work under someone or set up your shop, and it’s that simple. A lot of people are making money from this field of vocation, don’t be left out.

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