Top Gyms in Accra and Why you Should Visit the Gym

While you are finding that guy with the six-packs who looks ripped, attractive, have you asked yourself how you can also get that look? Do you want to gain or lose weight or take up dance lessons? Then you should find a fitness center that is dedicated to helping you achieve this goal.

There are many gyms in Accra that you can visit, but do they have the best equipment? What services do they render, and how friendly and helpful are the instructors? What about their membership plans? Are they flexible enough to meet your budget? It would be best if you asked yourself all these questions before choosing a gym to visit regularly.

This article will introduce you to the top gyms in Accra, their location, and contact information.


But before that, there is probably one question lingering on your mind, “why should I visit the gym?” It is not wrong to ask. Visiting the gym can and will change your life. Depending on what you go to the gym to do, the advantages may differ.

Why Visit the Gym?

People go to the gym to get healthy while working out to boost their self-confidence. Working out to get into shape can make you fit with a body mass index of 25.0 and above. People who are overweight need to lose weight. While they are doing this, they are getting healthy and preventing diseases.

People underweight also visit the gym to talk to fitness coaches and ask them what foods to eat to gain weight and work out.

Sometimes, getting in shape alone can be tedious. Visiting the gym, having gym buddies and trainers can make it more fun.

People also visit the gym for therapy. It could be physiotherapy, beauty therapy or massage, to get in shape.

Others also go to improve on their skill, for instance, dance class. Some also go to gyms to take up aerobic exercises regularly to burn calories, get healthy, and overall, have some fun.

Now, why would you want to visit the gym, and which gym should you be visiting? Here are our top picks;

Fitrip Ghana

Fitrip is one of the best fitness centers in Ghana. Fitness experts here are ready to train and support you through your journey. They have gym, squash, fitness classes, physiotherapy sessions, and a store to purchase all your weight gain and weight loss products.

They have professional trainers and state-of-the-art equipment to help you get into shape at your own pace.

Their membership price list is available on their website

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Contact information

Location: 32 Sir Emmanuel Quist Street, Accra.

Phone : 030 278 1325/ 050 127 8924

Email: [email protected]

Branch Health and Fitness Centre

With the best facilities and certified trainers and instructors, the Branch health and fitness center have a gym where you can build your body, and they are with you on your weight gain or weight loss journey. They have dance classes, aerobics, taekwondo classes, and more.

Visit Branch health and fitness center today and inquire about their membership plans and more.

Contact information

Location: Spintex Road, Accra

Phone: 054 633 3661

Email: [email protected]

Total Fitness Health Club

The owners of A&C square opened a Total fitness health club to care for you and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. They have a gym, offer physiotherapy sessions, and have a studio hall for aerobics and dance classes.

They also have a large swimming pool for recreation.

Contact information

Location: East Legon

Phone: 030 245 3756

Pippas Health Centre

Pippas say your physical, emotional, and mental well-being is their priority. That is why they have a gym with the needed facility, fitness classes with the best instructors.

There is aromatherapy to help you detoxify while training. They also offer massage and spa sessions to enhance the wellness of the mind and spirit.

Contact information

Location: 5th Ringway Link, Ringway Estates

Phone: 030 222 4488

Email: [email protected]

Eden Gym Ghana

Eden Gym is also one of the best fitness centers in Ghana. They take on personal training, clubs(student, couple, aged groups), and massage therapy. The center has training expects, and it is very spacious.

Contact information

Location: advantage place, 7th ridge west

Phone : 055 842 4991/ 050 947 1450

Email: [email protected]

Aviation Social Centre

Aviation Social Centre takes on fitness training, corporate and social events as well.

WhatsApp them on 055 146 4466 for more information

Located them next week to the ministry of defense, Accra.

Other good gyms you can visit today are;

Cross-train Ghana Ltd

Sly Gym

Body Blast Fitness

Olivans Fitness Club and Laundry

Pulse Fitness, Lizzy Sports Complex

California Fitness

PerfectFit Gym

Body Temple

And many more.

They say that if you have good health, you have life. There’s no lie in that. Let your physical and mental health be your priority. Have enough confidence in your body while you are also getting healthy. Which gym do you visit regularly? Leave a comment.

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