Top Ghanaian Tech Bloggers to follow in 2023

Tech blogging in Ghana has come of age, with a lot of young individual bloggers making strides in Ghana and abroad.

In this article, we at have compiled a list of the best tech bloggers in Ghana pushing out relevant tech information day and night.

The tech scene in Ghana has in 2020, ultimately been dominated by bloggers from and


In no particular order, here are the top tech bloggers in Ghana you should follow.

Shepherd Yaw Morttey

Shepherd Morttey is an SEO Expert in Accra and Abuja with over 7 years of experience working with businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge.

Apart from being keen on Online Consumer Behaviours, he loves to discover how the online can influence offline sales and conversion. He is the founder of, the biggest tech-focused blog in Ghana.

He is also a former EIT at MEST Africa and current CTO at

Follow Shepherd on Twitter: @smorttey

Follow Shepherd on LinkedIn: Shepherd Yaw Morttey

Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom

Emmanuel is a tech blogger, cryptocurrency educator and can sometimes be found decorating cars because he is in love with arts.

He also likes reading and blogging about what’s happening in the tech world and loves to help people on their techs related issues in his free time. Emmanuel loves cats.

Follow Emmanuel on Twitter: @oboyebi

Joseph-Albert Kuuire

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Joseph-Albert is a self-taught User Experience designer from Accra, Ghana. He worked in the IT security field for 3+ years and later transitioned to making the user experience for consumer applications, mobile apps, and websites more user-friendly for the end-user.

He currently works on visual design, wireframing and user interface designing as well as usability testing and user research.

He’s also a writer, author, and tech blogger. He is the editor of a digital news platform called Tech Nova GH which covers technology news stories on the evolving technology ecosystem in Ghana.

Follow Joseph on LinkedIn: Joseph-Albert Kuuire

John-Bunya Klutse

John-Bunya is an IT Security Professional with experience in Web design and development, building web applications, Blogging and Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Server Management (Windows Server), Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks.

Follow John-Bunya on Twitter: @jbklutse

Follow John-Bunya on LinkedIn: John-Bunya Klutse

Chris Emmanuel Anamoo

iChris is formally known as Chris Emmanuel Anamoo. He is an ambitious young blogger known for forging positive change in every field of work he finds himself.

Aside from, he currently also works on[His website] and prior to this, he worked with Spinex Music, Nigeria and Eye 97.5 Fm, Ghana.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @ichrisgh

Godwin Gabla

He is an internet addict who has found passion in writing. A blend of which produced the profession he so much enjoys – Blogging. He blogs mostly in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, technology and social issues.

If he’s not writing, reading or watching a movie, the next thing you’ll see him doing is eating or taking some wine.

Follow Godwin on Twitter: @GablaGodwin2

Follow Godwin on LinkedIn: Godwin Gabla

Gabriel Agbobli

Gabriel is a young writer and researcher who is on a mission to help everyone get at least the basic idea of technology.

He is a Design Thinking expert who applies innovative ways to writing his articles. He is currently studying at the University of Ghana.

Follow Gabriel on Twitter: @GablaGodwin2

Follow Gabriel on LinkedIn: Gabriel Agbobli


It would be nice to see more women enter into tech blogging in Ghana. However, the guys in the niche are doing great and hopefully, as time goes on, more people enter the tech blogging niche in Ghana.

Right now, we say ayekoo to all those on the list. Let’s keep putting mother Ghana on the map.

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