Top Catering Schools in Ghana You Should Know About

Catering and culinary in Ghana has grown over the past years with a lot of good institutions training students every year.

Every time we mention catering, all the attention is shifted towards females. but, some amazing male caterers perform really well than some of their female counterparts.

In this article, we have researched and compiled a list of the top catering schools in Ghana you should know about.


In 2020, we all came to appreciate the importance of caterers in our lives. From the moment the coronavirus became a pandemic, all attention shifted towards the food we eat and the caterers and cooks are the ones who prepare these foods.

For those of us who have relatives who were caterers, we began calling them to see if they could prepare us meals that were seen to help boost our immune system.

All these people got their training from catering schools in the country and no particular order, below are the top catering schools in Ghana everyone should know about.

Jenny’s Catering School

Jenny’s Catering School was founded by Mrs. Jennifer Akuamoa with the sole aim of imparting people with the basic and essential knowledge in catering.

After years of training caterers in Ghana, they gained prominence in the catering training industry and has since become one of the top catering schools in Ghana.

As it stands, they offer a three-term course that starts in September and ends in June each year. After completing the third term, all students are assessed based on international standards.

Upon successful completion of the assessment and obtaining the required pass mark, students are awarded a certificate.

Due to economic pressure and other financial problems, Jenny’s provide flexible terms of payment so that everyone will be able to enroll in their institution.

Some of the courses they offer include accommodation & housekeeping, African cuisine, cookery practical and theory, and a whole lot. Also available are hostel facilities for students who wish to stay in a hostel.

For further information, you can call them on 0302924088 or 0246544252 or you can send them an email on [email protected]

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EKGS Culinary Institute

In terms of catering schools with several years of experience, EKGS Culinary Institute is one of them. After several years of hardwork and determination, EKGS became a fully known catering institution in 1998.

Because of the good praises, they receive from past and existing students, they enroll students from Ghana and other parts of the world. They major in confectionary services and have a large client base they serve. Thus, giving students the exposure they need during their period of training.

Some of the courses being offered at EKGS Culinary Institute include floral and décor program, cake making and decoration, pastry, and cookery arts. All of which are aimed at enabling students with the required skills they need for the job market.

For any more information, you can visit them at No. 3 Sahara, Dansoman Roundabout, Accra, Ghana or call them at 0302307293 or 0233224059.

Dainess Chef’s School

 You’ve obviously realized what Dainess Chef’s School provides to their students just by looking at the name. Well, you are absolutely right, they train students into becoming internationally recognized chefs who have all the required and essential skills.

Dainess is a member of the Chef’s Association of Ghana and the World Association of Chefs Societies.

Due to their local and international recognition, students are provided with the opportunity to intern with associations and international bodies that promotes catering and culinary skills all over the world.

They provide students with the best training they could ever receive from any other country in the world.  The main courses they offer to students are pastry and cookery.

You can download their admission forms from their website or you can visit them at Sydalk Plaza No. d70 Spintex Road, Baatsonaa Accra. You can also reach them on 0279542701 or 0550670679.

Khameen Professional Institute

Khameen Professional Institute is one of the top catering and culinary arts schools in Ghana. The staff and management adapt to new technologies and strategies to help train their students into becoming the best they could be.

The school has been licensed by the NVTI, GES, and VTCT to provide catering training to students in Ghana. Also, the school has a very calm and friendly environment that helps students during their period of studies.

Some of the main courses they offer are sugarcraft, pastry baking, event management, and decoration, catering, etc.

For persons who are busy during the week, there’s a part-time option available for you also.

You can visit them at C13/MKT/A35, Sakumono Estates, behind the Community Hospital of Corpus Christi Church, Tema.

Prime School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Prime School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts is one of the leas=ding catering, culinary and hospitality schools in Ghana. Students are being taught by experts in the field of catering and its related areas.

They provide students with a six-month course that covers everything you need to know to equip you for the catering industry after graduation.

Among the list of courses, they offer include food production, restaurant, and bar, spa therapy, nail technician, etc.

You can locate them on the 1st Floor, Sizzler Restaurant Building, Mallam-Kasoa Highway or you can call them on 0557456779 or email them on [email protected]

Cake Techniks International

Cake Techniks International is one of the top catering and culinary arts school in Ghana.

They provide students with the professional skills they need to become the best in their respective fields of study. They also offer one of the best vocational training in the entire country.

Also available are programs for students who wish to take their lessons during weekends only. Some of the main courses being offered at Cake Techniks include floral décor, cake designing, catering & culinary skills, pastries & drinks, etc.

You can locate them at East Legon, Behind American House and Lartebiokoshie (Behind Nkrumah Flats – Bishop Bowers School or call them on 0244674545.


Several other catering schools are really doing well in Ghana but obviously, we can’t write about all of them here.

Also, most of the top catering schools seem to be dominated by schools in the Greater Accra region only. As such, if you know of any top catering schools outside the Greater Accra region, please comment in the comments section below and we will make sure to check them out.

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