Top 5 Budget-Friendly Beaches to Visit With your Friends in Ghana

Rocks and beach sand surrounding the beautiful Atlantic Ocean make up the amazing beaches all around the world.

The earth has been blessed with so much beauty and quite, unfortunately, we’ve succeeded in destroying some of our beaches with plastic waste, some of them though have been preserved for individuals to visit, appreciate nature and have that amazing getaway.

You probably want to know which beaches you can visit with as little as GHS 50 in your pocket. There are many of them. There are beaches in Accra, Cape Coast, Elmina, Ada, Takoradi, Axim, Keta, e.t.c. let’s focus on Accra, the following are our top 5 picks of budget beaches you can visit, to have a good time with your friends.

Labadi Beach Resort


Labadi Beach Resort is located at La, in the Greater Accra Region. It is one of the most popular beaches in the country with amazing street foods, horseback rides, and attractions, there are live bands available sometimes.

Labadi beach is usually quite busy because of its popularity and it will be the best place for a small get-together or birthday party. Holidays are the most fun at the Labadi Beach Resort.

Bojo Beach Resort

Bojo Beach welcomes Ghanaians and visitors from far and near. It is a wonderful place to be, kids activities are allowed and there is even hotel accommodation.

There boat rides and a variety of food and drinks to choose from. There is fresh fish produce you can buy at the beach. There are free parking spots at the beach.

Next Door Beach

Located at Teshie, Next Door Beach is the place to be if you want absolute serenity. This is a place you can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet, do school work, and chill, basically. It is not very big and has no shores which makesit a lot more unique.

Unlike many other beaches, you will not be charged an unecessary gate fee into the beach. Their food is good and there are small shelters where you can sit and eat.

Titanic Beach

Titanic Beach is located at Sakumono. The beach is home to people from Teshie, Nungua, Tema and its environs. Foreigners are also welcomed.

The scenery is very beautiful, many people have shot music videos and photoshoots at the beach, the Sakumono lagoon just opposite the beach is also one of the best attractions at the place.

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The food is amazing, there are different street food stores at the beach. Programs and live bands are held at the beach very often.

Laboma Beach

The last of the list is Laboma Beach, Located off the Teshie road, Laboma beach is another amazing place to be, with a very serene and conducive environment, you are exposed to a clean beach with a variety of good Ghanaian and continental dishes at the resort. There have been good reviews about the beach over the years, no reports about criminal activities or anything of that sort. Visit Laboma today.

What importance do these beaches hold to individuals and the country? It provides business opportunities for traders, those who sell food on the beach are gaining income, you will not go to the beach without eating, by all means, you will take a drink. Especially on holidays, those who work on the beach make a lot of money.

Also, it generates income for the country as a whole, especially when foreigners visit. The resorts pay tasks and this money is used on developmental projects in the country. Apart from these, the serenity, the view, the peace is what we as individuals need sometimes, after a hectic week at work, or you’re having a mental breakdown, the beach is a place to be.

You do not need to visit these beaches with so much money in your pocket but your expectations will be met.

Have you already visited any of these beaches? What was the experience like?

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