Top 7 Pizza Joints in Takoradi (Location & Contacts)

Everyone loves pizza, both young and old. Pizza is food served on occasions, on small get-togethers, on Netflix, and on chill nights, and can be enjoyed alone. It isn’t a costly food considering its price according to its size.

The average slice of pizza contains 12 grams of protein, and it contains antioxidants and calories, which is useful for those wishing to gain some weight. Pizza sauce is also a good source of vitamin C. So the next time someone asks you what you get from eating this ‘bread and cheese,’ let them know that pizza has some nutritional values.

You can get pizza to buy almost everywhere in Ghana. Takoradi is not an exception. There are many places you can get pizza to buy at Takoradi, and we will introduce you to ten of the best so that you will know where to look if you want to enjoy a freshly baked and crusty pizza with a chilled coca-cola on the side. See the list below;

Pronto Pizza and Patisserie


Locate this restaurant on Takoradi beach road roundabout, just on the junction to West Africa Rescue Agency

Contact: 055 352 0085

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is also located on Takoradi beach road, opposite Vienna City.

Contact: 050 002 2339

Peter pan

Locate Peter Pan on Heritage Street, Takoradi

Contact: 057 773 7705

Shocks Hub

Located on 132 Takoradi Bypass road

Contact: 027 633 6333

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Binkowski’s Pizza

Located at Windchill CL, Sekondi Takoradi

Contact: 050 226 0592

Pizza World

Locate Pizza World at 18 Kwamina Ntsin Avenue

Contact: 055 762 0992

Etti’s Pizza

Located at Sekondi Takoradi

Contact: 054 476 2022

When selecting a good pizza joint for you and your friends or family, it is important to go in for a nice and clean place with the right ambiance. The pizza joints we listed above all have a welcoming place for you to dine in.

Their customer services are also good, and delivery is always done on time. A good pizza place must prepare delicious pizza meals loved by many.

Everyone has their pizza recipes, but some chefs go overboard with some of the ingredients, which sometimes makes the pizza not as delicious that is why it is important to choose a pizza place that serves nothing but the best.

A good pizza place should also allow their customers to choose their toppings if they want to. Having a variety of pizza recipes for customers to choose from is a good thing but giving them the chance to choose their toppings is even better.

A restaurant that serves some meals other than pizza is also a good option. When a pizza place adds other foods to their menus, such as fried rice, jollof rice, or fries and chips, it gives customers an option to choose from.

They will buy pizza, but they may need something else to add to it. Usually, a pizza place that serves only pizza can be a little disappointing. They should also serve other delicious drinks other than the regular coca-cola.

Last, a good pizza place should give promotions to their customers from time to time. Buy one get one free, buy one get free chips on particular days will keep customers hooked.

Every good pizza place has such promotions, and usually, you will need to ask before you will know. The above are the best pizza places at Takoradi that you can visit to enjoy delicious pizza.

Which pizza places have you visited, and what was your experience? Leave your answer in the comment section.

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