Top 6 Job Portals in Ghana

Did you know that almost 5% of the total labour force in Ghana are unemployed? Are you one of them? Then we will introduce you to 6 portals you can visit to find a job.

We know the hustle in printing curriculum vitae and cover letters and distributing it to various companies in the country. People use all the money left on them to board cars to distribute these applications, all to no avail.

That is why you can do all that over the internet. All you need is a smartphone, a killer curriculum vitae, and a cover letter, and you are good to go.


On these websites are thousands of jobs for you to choose from. All you need to have are the needed qualifications. Don’t be discouraged. Try any of these portals and see how it goes. You may get lucky.

Here are our top picks;

Jobberman Ghana

Jobberman is a job portal trusted by many Ghanaians. Their website has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use.

You can key in the type of job you want and the location you prefer. A whole list appears, enough to choose from, but you will need to upload your curriculum vitae, certificate, and other credentials and wait to be called just like any other job search.

Using Jobberman does not guarantee a job all at once. Not only can job seekers use this portal, but employers can also use it all well.

Visit their website

JobSearch Ghana

JobSearch is willing to help you find a job in no time. You can read through the job role, your key responsibilities, and general requirements on their site. Perhaps you find a job, but you may lack a few things to get it. They provide a link to similar or related jobs. JobSearch

advises job seekers against fraudulent activities and more because it is evident that people always find a way to steal from each other.

They also teach job seekers to prepare an excellent curriculum vitae and cover letters. Whatever your qualification is, JobSearch says “we dey for you”!

Visit their website

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Joblist Ghana

Joblist says they are Ghana’s number one job search website where you can find your dream job. They provide service in 5 different countries.

There are many jobs on their portal. Joblist is affiliated with numerous reputable companies in Ghana, bringing you jobs you need at just a click of a button.

Save and easy. Many individuals have found jobs through this portal, and you can too. 

Visit their website

jobs in Ghana

JobsinGhana says they love to connect employers with eager job seekers in Ghana through the internet.

Apart from using their portal to search for a job, you can also answer polls, follow links to read articles that will help you write the best cover letters and improve your resume. You can even join internship programs, among others.

JobsinGhana has been doing this since 2005. You can get lucky as well. What are you waiting for?

Visit their website

LinkedIn Ghana

You have probably heard about LinkedIn. The largest job search portal in the world. Operating in more than 200 countries, Ghana is one of them.

LinkedIn wants to create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. They allow you to explore your options, ask questions and learn.

There are millions of jobs available on LinkedIn. Adjust your location and find a job close to you. Join and get notified of the types of jobs you want. Find coworkers, read articles, improve your resume, and more.

Visit their website

Jobweb Ghana

Adjust your location, search for jobs to find your dream job. Visit and browse through unlimited opportunities.

Jobs are being published every single day. Jobweb will notify you. What did you study in school? Please make use of it. Apply for any job on their website, and who knows? You may get lucky!


Become less frustrated knowing you have distributed applications to different companies while you are doing your small job alongside.

The youths are making good use of their entrepreneurial skills nowadays. You will go hungry, waiting for white-collar jobs. It’s 2021 in Ghana, the coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent, and it seems as though the government does not care, even if you have a master’s degree. Entrepreneurship is the one option you can do.

If you still prefer the traditional method of job search, it is not bad. You can go through newspapers, look for fliers, distribute applications to companies around your location.

While doing that, join in appealing to employment and labor relations to create jobs for the youth.

If you know of any other job search portal that has not been listed above, leave a name in the comment box.

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