Top 10 Hairstyles for Women over 60 years

At age sixty, our senior women usually do not know how they want their hair to look anymore because, at this point, their hair color has already changed from black to grey, so they are always looking for ways to cover it up.

Their hair is very thin, especially at the front, because of the long-term use of harsh chemicals and aging and let’s not forget the scalp pain many of them also experience due to aging.

These and many more are the reasons why our seniors find it difficult to be able to choose a hairstyle that will suit them, but we went through the stress of choosing the best styles for people their age so that they won’t have to.


Below are ten of them;


Wigs are a good option for women over sixty years. They need to wash their hair, have it braided into all back medium cornrows, wear their wig on it, and they are good to go.

This is a good option because they can take the wig off at home and rock their simple braids, there is no heat, and it is comfortable.

They can keep a collection of wigs and change them regularly, short wigs, of course. It can be curly, straight ones, or pixie-cut wigs.

So if you are thinking about getting your sixty-year-old mother, auntie, or friend a gift for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with a new wig. And oh, wigs help them to cover their flowers (grey hairs)

Weave on

Weave ons’ are also good for people over sixty. It is easy to fix and helps to cover the greys. It is inexpensive, and there is a variety to choose from.

Weave ons’ looks similar to wigs, but these are sewn into the natural braided hair to hold it in place.

Many seniors also prepare weave ons’ not only because it is easy to fix and covers them well but also because the extensions can be used as a wig even after fixing it for a long time.

Perm Cut

Many women above age sixty want to cut their hair because of the many reasons we listed above, and they can’t be blamed. However, for seniors who still want to look fly with a haircut, a perm cut is a good option because it takes the pressure off their scalp, it is very easy to maintain doesn’t take much time to fix. It is not very expensive, and it makes them look very good and simple. They can rock their cut to every occasion.

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Blow Out

Everyone loves a blowout, which can be done with permed or natural hair. A blowout with a stylish short bob is good for seniors sixty years and above with hair still a little thick.

This is also quite easy to maintain since they can always comb through it and perhaps put it in an updo when it starts to make them feel uncomfortable. A blowout is easy to do, fast and inexpensive, and it is a hairstyle that can be rocked to all occasions.

Kinky Twist

This one is for seniors who have natural hair. Their hairstylists can put their hair into natural twists or add kinky extensions to the twist to help them keep longer. This style takes time, but it is not very painful and is a good protective style. Seniors like this hairstyle because it allows them to look their age.

Dread Locks

Seniors, especially the ones who are well-to-do, love dreadlocks. It is a hairstyle that is pretty expensive to maintain, even though it can take two to three months before they have to go back to the salon.

Another reason why they love this hairstyle is that it can be beaten into any shape, and they can style it anyhow they want.

They can braid it into all backs and wear a wig on it, crocheting of single extensions are allowed, even weave ons’ can be sewn unto it. It is an expensive hairstyle, but once they can do it, they keep it for a long time before twisting it again.

Natural Haircut

Seniors with natural hair can cut their hair and rock it just as it is or use curl activators to add some flair and rock it anywhere they want. It is easy to main, their scalp is not attacked, and they are allowed to bath in their hair anytime they want, comb it, and pat it in.

Corn Row Braids

Oldies who still have it in them can get braids, a short length, of course. Their hairstylist must not tighten the braid too much, though. They can get ponytails and straight-back cornrows and keep them for three weeks to a month.

Pony Tail/ Updo

After washing and drying out hair, hairstylists can put seniors’ hair in ponytails or up do’s with their natural hair or extensions, depending on the occasion.

Finger Twists

After washing natural hair and applying a leave-in conditioner, oldies can use a curl activator or styling gel for finger twists or coils. This is easy to do, and it is fast and inexpensive.


At age sixty, the simpler and faster the hair, the better. Oldies do not love to sit in one place for too long, and neither do they like to stress their scalp. Some of them love to hide their greys, and others love to rock them. They have different preferences, but they have limited hairstyles to choose from, and the above are a few of them. 

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