Things to Look Out for When Buying a New Motorcycle in Ghana

Ghanaians love motorcycles, especially the vibrant youth. They even have organizations that teach people how to ride motorcycles the right way and to do stunts safely, because motorcycle accidents happen on the roads all the time. But hey! if a motorcycle tickles your fancy and you will like to purchase, go through the right avenues and steps to get one.

Here are some things you should look out for and do before buying that motorcycle of your dreams. These are quite familiar to purchasing a new car as well. 

Inquire and Choose your Horse


Making inquiries and choosing the right type and brand of motorcycle is very important. Choose your cycle according to the type of riding you will like to do. Choosing a sporty motorcycle when all you need it for is delivery or going from one place to the other will do damage to you and your pocket.

Know about the important features of the motorcycle brand before going to a dealer. Do not be deceived by the commercials and advertisements you see to choose something you cannot ride.

Are there spare parts of this bike available in the country? What about its maintenance cost? Take note of these as well.

Get on the Motorcycle.

You cannot adjust a motorcycle, saddle up and get up on the motorcycle of your choice and see if it fits. Study the ergonomics of the motor to see if it fits your stature. Look at the height and the weight. Avoid bikes that bend too far forward or too far backward. Choose one that you will be comfortable with on the road. Get on as many of them as you can.

Motorcycles are heavy, at least choose the one you can bear to balance, and they are expensive and choose the one you can afford.

Compare Prices

Ask of the price of your motorcycle of choice from more than one dealer and online shops to know the price range which will help you negotiate properly with your dealer and know how much to allocate on your budget. Do not let your dealer deceive you into paying more on the motorcycle, no matter how rich you think you are, bargain.

If you cannot afford the bike you want at that moment, go back and save more money, do not settle for something that you will regret buying in the future.

Is it Compatible just like cars with Your Terrain?

Not all motorcycles are made for all types of terrains or geographical area. Before you purchase that bike, be sure to ask yourself which terrain it was made for and where you will ride it. Purchasing a bike that is meant to be rid on Asian roads will only have you at the workshop every week

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Take your Motorbike on a Test Drive.

Be sure to take your new baby on a test drive to make sure that is exactly what you want. If it fits, and if you can control it. Finalize the deal and make sure all legal documents are intact, only if you still like the motorcycle after taking it out on the streets. 


Go with a motorcycle mechanic to inspect it before purchase, to make sure everything is in good condition.

Preferably, you can take motorcycle safety lessons before you start officially riding it on the streets.

Buy new and used motorbikes on online shops or choose the traditional mode of purchasing by visiting Somoco Ghana Limited, Harley- Davidson, Sanya Motorcycle, Apsonic Motors, Royal Motors Ghana limited. There are many other places you can buy strong bikes at. 

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