The Best Courses And Career Opportunities For SHS Students In Ghana

Hey there, my fellow Ghanaians! Are you an SHS student pondering your future? Well, you’re in luck! We’re about to dive into the best courses and career opportunities available for you right here in Ghana.

Together, we’ll explore the amazing options that’ll set you up for a brilliant future. So, buckle up and let’s get started!

Stem And Technology Courses

As a senior high school (SHS) student in Ghana, you’re surrounded by fantastic opportunities, especially in STEM and technology. These fields are super cool and hold the key to understanding the world we live in.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These subjects cover a vast array of knowledge you can use to further your education or embark on an exciting career. Plus, they’re great for all levels, from basic coding classes to advanced engineering studies.

Studying STEM subjects will equip you with mad skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. And guess what? You can apply these skills to other areas as well!

With an ever-evolving job market, there’s a massive push to get students like you interested in STEM careers. From online resources like Coursera to local universities offering certificate programs, SHS students in Ghana have countless options to make their mark.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore your options! Who knows where it might take you?

Business And Management Courses

Accounting: Wanna be an accountant? There’s a ton of amazing courses to choose from, and you can even specialize in areas like taxation and auditing.

Entrepreneurship: If being your own boss is your thing, entrepreneurship courses are your jam. You’ll learn the basics and some more advanced concepts.

Marketing: Wanna be a marketing whiz? Plenty of courses are available to teach you the fundamentals and the latest trends and techniques.

All these courses offer fantastic opportunities for SHS students in Ghana. Explore your options, learn what each course involves, and decide which one’s perfect for you.


Accounting is super popular among SHS students in Ghana. It’s a fabulous choice for anyone keen on building a career in business or management, as it offers a wide range of opportunities.

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To become an accountant, you’ll need a degree in accounting and finance. You’ll also need to pass exams set by professional bodies like ACCA and CIMA, which are highly respected certifications that’ll open doors for you wherever your career takes you.

With a bit of grit and determination, anyone interested in bookkeeping and financial statements can make a splash in the world of accounting.


Fancy being your own boss and calling the shots? Then entrepreneurship is the way to go.

You don’t necessarily need qualifications or certifications, but it helps to know a thing or two about business management and finance. An SHS course in these areas can give you the edge when starting your own venture.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always a walk in the park. You’ll face obstacles like capital constraints, finding reliable suppliers, and marketing strategies. But with enough ambition and determination, anyone can create something amazing from scratch! And that’s what makes entrepreneurship so rewarding.

If you’re looking for a career path where hard work matters more than qualifications alone, look no further than entrepreneurship! With the right mindset and perseverance, anything is possible.


In the world of Business and Management courses, marketing is where it’s at. It’s crucial to any venture because, without proper promotion, nobody will know about your product or service.

Knowing how to market yourself and your business can give you an edge over competitors. An SHS course in marketing is super helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it covers vital topics like branding, advertising campaigns, SEO strategies, market research, social media management, and more.

Mastering these skills can help you get ahead in the industry by targeting specific customers and gaining more exposure for your brand. So, if you’re serious about making waves in business, learning all about marketing should be at the top of your list!

Arts And Humanities Courses

In Ghana, SHS students have a smorgasbord of courses and career opportunities in the Arts and Humanities field. From Psychology to History and Languages, there’s a plethora of fantastic courses that can lead to a rewarding future.

Let’s take a peek at three awesome choices for those pursuing an art or humanities degree:

  • Drama: Drama is a hot favorite among SHS students, thanks to its creative nature. Drama classes teach you about how stories come together on stage, as well as techniques related to acting, costume design, and set production. With this knowledge, graduates can pursue careers in theatre performance, television production, or even film directing.
  • History: Studying history is super important because it helps us make sense of our past and make informed decisions based on what we’ve learned. A student who goes for a history degree will gain an understanding of different cultures by researching various events throughout time. This could open up doors to teaching positions at universities or museums around the country.
  • Psychology: The study of psychology is gaining popularity among high schoolers eager to get ahead in their career path. It’s all about learning more about human behavior by studying theories and conducting experiments with people from all walks of life. Graduates may find themselves working in areas like mental health counseling, social work, or even marketing and advertising campaigns.

No matter which path they take after graduation, SHS students can be sure that the skills they’ve gained during their studies will serve them well in whichever career they decide to pursue!

Job Prospects After Graduation

Arts and Humanities courses are fantastic for senior high school students in Ghana, as they help develop comprehensive skills that can be used in various career settings. Subjects like literature, history, sociology, philosophy, and fine arts offer a variety of study options, allowing students to nurture their interests. With the right guidance and motivation, these disciplines can lay the groundwork for success after graduation.

As for job prospects after leaving school, there’s a whole world of opportunities for graduates with Arts and Humanities qualifications. Literature buffs may find work in media outlets or education services. History majors could consider roles in museums or archives, while those with a degree in sociology might go into social research or policy making. Philosophy grads have experience that could make them ideal candidates for law firms or public relations departments. Fine art alumni can look towards careers in curation, design, or advertising.

No matter which field they’ve chosen, SHS graduates must hone their communication abilities if they want to pursue successful professional lives. Being able to articulate ideas clearly and concisely is crucial when it comes to getting ahead in any competitive industry; so don’t overlook developing this skill during your higher education studies!

Final Thoughts

As a senior high school student in Ghana, planning for the future is essential. With the right courses and job prospects after graduation, you can look forward to an exciting career!

STEM and technology courses offer cutting-edge skills, while business and management courses prepare students for leadership roles. Arts and humanities classes also open doors to creative careers. With these options, there’s something for everyone.

It’s up to you to make your dreams come true by taking advantage of all that Ghana has to offer. Let’s start forging our own paths today!

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