Top 6 Tips for Parents whose kids are writing BECE

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) marks an important milestone for Junior High School students across Ghana.

The BECE can be a stressful time for students especially. As parents, you want to provide as much support as you can to set your children up for success on this important exam. The BECE tests students on core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies after three years of junior high education.

Performance on the BECE determines qualification for senior high school placement. While teachers and schools take on the crucial role of educating and preparing students academically, parents also have an important part to play

6 Tips for Parents whose kids are writing BECE


1. Create a positive learning environment at home

As a parent, one of the most impactful things you can do is provide a space at home that sets your child up for success. Having a quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free area for studying and learning is key. Make sure their study area has a table or desk and chair that allows them to sit properly.

It should be well-lit and ventilated. Reduce background noise and activities in that space during study times. Provide essential supplies like pens, paper, textbooks, notes, and any other learning resources. If you’re able to get practice tests or study guides, these can be very valuable preparation tools.

2. Help your child develop good study habits

Building effective study skills takes time but will serve your child well now and in the future. Breaking large tasks down into smaller pieces makes big assignments or lots of material less intimidating. Help them make a study schedule mapping out blocks of time to cover different subjects each day and week.

Having set times to study makes it a consistent habit. Encourage taking short breaks during study sessions to recharge. After longer study periods, suggest rewarding themselves by doing an activity they enjoy. Studying is most effective when it’s consistent and broken up into manageable chunks.

3. Help your child manage stress

Tests like BECE put a lot of pressure on students because it is their first major exams. As a caring parent, you can help your child identify sources of stress and develop healthy ways to cope. Talk to them about their concerns and frustrations to understand where the stress is coming from.

Suggest positive outlets like exercise, listening to music, or talking to friends when they feel anxious. Make sure they get enough sleep which is essential for mental health. Provide nutritious meals and snacks to fuel their mind and body. Share calming techniques like deep breathing when they feel nervous.

Being open and responsive to your child’s stress, and guiding them to unwind, helps manage exam anxiety.

4. Stay positive and supportive

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As the parent, your attitude can greatly impact your child’s mindset. Let them know you believe in their abilities and you’ll be proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome. Avoid statements that reinforce high pressure without encouragement.

Instead, praise them for studying diligently, asking good questions, and maintaining focus. Celebrate small wins like finishing an assignment or doing well on a practice test. Your confidence in them boosts their confidence. Balance realistic expectations with upbeat optimism.

5. Be patient and understanding

Preparing for BECE is a marathon, not a sprint. There will inevitably be difficult days, stress, or disappointment. Children need patience and empathy when facing challenges. If your child becomes frustrated help them reset with a break or change of scene.

Listen without judgment when they open up about struggles. Offer reassuring advice and remind them it’s normal to feel nervous or unsure at times. Your support helps them push forward even when preparation gets tough.

6. Celebrate their successes

No matter your child’s results on the actual exam, find ways to celebrate their hard work and achievements throughout the preparation process. Recognize their persistence in studying, consistent effort, and any improvement on practice exams.

Share in their small victories like grasping a new concept. On exam day, do something special together to commemorate the experience. When results come, celebrate their courage and accomplishment of getting through it, regardless of score. Your pride in them helps build lifelong confidence.

Other help tips for Parents whose kids are writing BECE

  1. Maintain open communication with your child’s teachers throughout the year leading up to the BECE. Ask how you can reinforce class learning at home.
  2. Attend any BECE preparation events offered by your child’s school to learn about the format, subjects tested, and how to help your child practice.
  3. Provide a peaceful home environment for your child so they are ready to focus and learn at school each day.
  4. Ask your child what makes them feel most anxious about the exam and have an open discussion about those fears.
  5. Make time to listen when your child needs to talk through difficult concepts or vent exam stress. Don’t downplay their feelings.
  6. Avoid overwhelming pressure. Remind your child you are proud of their efforts and character, not just test scores.


The BECE is a major milestone, but not the ultimate measure of your child’s potential. With your emotional support, guidance and unconditional belief in them, you can help relieve exam pressure and set your child up for success on the BECE and in meeting future goals.

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