STC Ghana: Schedule, Time, Fares and more

Public transport is one of the most used means of transportation in Ghana; especially for long-distance intercity trips. As a result, transport companies are one of the major key players in the Ghanaian transport sector.

There are several transport companies in Ghana. Most of these transport companies are being run by a private agency. For example, the popular VIP and VVIP buses transport passengers every day.

One of the most popular transport companies in Ghana is the Intercity State Transport Corporation (STC) Ghana. STC Ghana has buses that travel across the length and breadth of Ghana and can boast of stations in almost all the regions in Ghana.


In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know about STC Ghana; from schedule to time, fares, services, etc.

What Is STC Ghana?

STC Ghana is a Ghanaian joint state and privately-owned transport company that provides transport services in and out of Ghana. The company owns a fleet of coaches (buses) that travels to over 25 destinations in Ghana and its neighbouring countries including Cote D’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria, with other countries entering soon.

Currently, the government of Ghana manages the company but has about 20% of the total shares. The remaining 80% of the shares are owned by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

Due to the joint-stock partnership between SSNIT and the Government of Ghana, there is transparency and accountability in the management of the company. Also, because of the hard work of the management and staff, STC Ghana recently paid off about $ 1.7 million for a 50-fleet of coaches they bought in 2016.

STC Ghana Schedule and Time

STC Ghana has several years of experience in the transport industry and has always delivered according to plan. As such, they have a detailed schedule (timetable) that they use for their daily trips both locally and internationally.

To give you a fair idea of how the schedule is and how it works, below is a sample of the schedules for the most popular destinations day.

STC RouteDay(s) & Time
Circle – Sunyani / BerekumThursdays & Fridays (10:00 am)
Circle – Cape CoastMonday – Saturday (4:20 pm)
Circle – TakoradiMonday – Saturday (4:20 pm)
Accra (main) – TakoradiMonday – Saturday (4:00 pm)
Accra (main) – Cape CoastMonday – Saturday (4:00 pm)
Accra (main) – TamaleMonday – Sunday (8:00 am)
Circle – TamaleMonday – Sunday (6:00 am)
Accra (main) – EluboMonday, Wednesday  & Friday (6:00 am)

The schedule below is made for travels that start from Accra (MAIN) to the destinations stated below.

Kumasi (Asafo)6:06 am
Tamale7:00 am
Cape Coast7:00 am
Cape Coast8:00 am
Takoradi8:00 am
Cape Coast10:00 am & 12:00 pm
Takoradi10:00 am & 12:00 pm
Kumasi (Adum)3:00 pm
Tamale3:00 pm
Bolgatanga3:00 pm
Navrongo3:00 pm
Paga3:00 pm
Tarkwa3:00 pm
Bogoso3:00 pm
Prestea3:00 pm
Wa4:00 pm
Nandom4:00 pm

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To get the complete schedule for STC Ghana, you can go ahead to their website and you will get the complete daily schedule. Also attached to the schedule will be the various prices for the trip.

STC Ghana Fares

There is no fixed fare for a trip from one location to the other. Basically, the fare for your trip will depend on your location and your destination.

For example, the fare for Accra (Achimota) to Kumasi (Asafo) will be different from the fare for Accra (Circle) to Kumasi Adum. But below are some of the prices for a trip from Accra (Main) to the destinations listed below.

DestinationFare (GHS)
Kumasi (Adum)86.00
Kumasi (Asafo)86.00
Cape Coast85.00

If you are planning your trip ahead, it’s best to book the trip.

In summary, the fares for local trips range from as low as GHS 85.00 to GHS 255 and that of international trips ranges between GHS 400 and above. Similarly, the exact fare for each trip can be found on the official STC Ghana website.

What Are The Other Services STC Ghana Provide?

Whenever we mention STC Ghana, the only thing people think about is the Intercity trips they offer in and out of Ghana.

That is not all, STC Ghana also provides some other services which most people are not aware of. Below is a brief about the other services STC Ghana provides.

Driver Training Services

The Driver Training service offered by STC Ghana is fully accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. Under this service, STC Ghana offers short courses in defensive driving for heavy vehicles drivers, supervisors, managers, etc.

Package/Parcel Service

With this service, STC targets companies that require rapid delivery of products or packages outside the company’s location. The service is also opened to individuals who wish to send packages to their friends or relatives in other cities. The package could be small, medium, or large.

Valuation Service

If you have a particular vehicle you wish to get an accurate assessment before it is used for its intended purpose, STC is your location. Their assessment is based on the condition, value, and sustainability of the vehicle based on its intended purpose.

Engineering Consultancy Service

Also, STC provides services in auto mechanic, fleet management, capacity building, and any other transport management service.

Bus Services & Hiring

The STC Ghana bus service is a request that an individual or an entity makes to STC. The purpose of the request could be for a funeral, wedding, functions, or any other activity that requires the use of a bus. For example, a school going for an excursion or trip can contact STC Ghana to sort them out. The duration of the trip could be a day or more depending on your request.

Park And Ride Service

All the STC terminals around the country have this service. If you are going on a trip and you need somewhere to keep your vehicle safe, you can also request this service. Your vehicle will be kept in a safe place at the terminal for you at a cool fee.

STC Ghana Contact Details

STC Ghana has offices all over the country but below are the contact details for some of the most visited offices.

Head Office

No. 1 Ajuma Street, Kaneshie opposite the Awudome Cemetery

Telephone: 0557943605/0557943606

Tudu Station

Accra CBD, opposite Kinbu Senior High Technical School

Telephone: 0573100340

Achimota Station

Along with the Achimota New Station

Telephone: 0245376833/05771443799

Kumasi Station

Oforikrom Terminal (053100382)

Adum Terminal (0557943607/0573100383)


STC Ghana is indeed one of the state-owned companies that continue to work hard to put Ghana on the map. During your trip, they provide you with the best customer service like none other transport company in Ghana.

If you have taken a trip with STC Ghana yet, visit their website or download their mobile app now and plan your next trip with STC Ghana. Also, if you have traveled with STC Ghana before, please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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