How To Start Goat Farming in Ghana

Have you ever thought of going into goat farming in Ghana? Or are ready to start your own goat farm in Ghana?

Whatever your reasons may be for ready this article, I will urge you to continue reading this article. Because in this article, I am going to show you how to start goat farming in Ghana.

Before you start your goat farm, you need to be well informed about the business, the dos, and the don’ts. Although you can find this online, what makes this article stand out is the fact that it has been researched and enough consultations were made before I decided to write this article.


Goat farming is a very enjoyable and profitable business you could start on your own with little or no help from anyone else. All you need to is to read this article completely to the end and you will thank me later.

What Is Goat Farming?

Goat farming is the type of animal husbandry/farming that involves the raising and breeding of domestic goats for commercial purposes. The commercial purpose in this context means that they are kept for their meat, milk, skin, or all of them.

Unlike other animals, goats can be farmed with a relatively small area of pasture and also with limited resources. Also, unlike other animals that require much supervision, goats require very little supervision from you.

According to statistics, goats produce about 2% of the world’s total annual milk supply. This type of milk is commonly processed and used to produce cheese, butter, ice cream, yoghurt, and other essential products.

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Goat Farming Business in Ghana

As with all businesses, before you venture into the goat farming business, there are some important things you need to know before you enter into the business. And I have listed some of them below:

  • Goats are independent and as such, require little attention from you.
  • Goats are also curious and will graze on any plant they come across. So, you need to make sure that all harmful and poisonous plants are uprooted from the land they graze on.
  • Goats get sick very easily and in return die very fast if not given immediate care.
  • Some of the goats love routine and when the routine is interrupted, they get upset. Because of that, you need to get a fixed routine for them.
  • Goats hate it when they get wet and when not given a shelter, will run away to a place they will find a shelter.

How To Start Goat Farming in Ghana

  1. First of all, you need to read through the types of goat breed and select the breed (s) you wish to rear on your farm. Also, you need to know the number of goats you will buy.
  2. Look for a location for your goat farm. (It will be ideal if you get a piece of land where the goats can graze on).
  3. Look for your start-up capital.
  4. Buy your tools and equipment for your goat farm.
  5. Build an excellent fence over the land you want to raise your goats on.
  6. Build a goat shelter for your goats. (This is where they will sleep in the evening or under certain weather conditions).
  7. Check and remove all poisonous plants on the land.
  8. Go to the best goat dealers and buy your goats.
  9. Afterward, buy the supplies that your goats will need.
  10. Market your goat farm and then enjoy your profit.

Best Goat Breed for Meat in Ghana

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  1. Black Bengal Goat
  2. Boer Goat
  3. Kalahari Red Goat
  4. Kiko Goat
  5. Fainting Goat
  6. Nubian Goat
  7. Rangeland Goat
  8. Sirohi Goat

Some Tips & Cautions For Starting A Goat Farming Business

  • Try to keep your goats under hygienic conditions. As a matter of fact, make sure to always feed them with fresh and nutritious plants.
  • Never send your goats outside the fence you build. Also, make sure that the fence is tall enough so that the goats can’t jump over it.
  • Once in a while, check for holes in the fence, and if so, make sure to repair them within the shortest possible time.
  • If you milk your goats, make sure the place of milking is clean. Also, the house/shelter of the goats should be kept clean and dry.
  • Finally, always check whether the goats are healthy. As soon as you detect a sick goat, make sure to call the veterinary doctor.

Benefits Of Starting A Goat Farm

Aside from the profits you get from raising goats on your farm, goats have some benefits and I have explained briefly each of them below.

Milk production

As I stated earlier, goats produce over 2% of the world’s annual milk supply in the world. As such, when you raise goats, you can in turn produce your own milk in your goat farm suppose you follow all the hygienic requirements and processes.

Meat production

Goat meat is one of the most consumed meats in Ghana, especially on special occasions. I believe you are familiar with the phrase “Aponkye Nkrakra”. Therefore, after starting your goat farm, you can go into agreement with a restaurant where you will provide them with goat meat.


On the international market, goat skin has a very high demand. As you might be aware, the skin of the goat is used for producing clothing.


The faeces from goats are used as manure for farming. It is a very quality source of organic fertilizer for plants. If you have a farm yourself, you can just use the faeces from your goat as a fertilizer or you can sell it to someone who has a farm.

How Much Can You Make From Goat Farming

In goat farming, there’s no fixed amount you can make from it. The amount you make depends on the types of goats you raise and the number of goats you have on your farm.

Someone who just raises a goat for their meat cannot expect to earn the same as someone who raises them for their meat and milk.

Likewise, someone who raises 100 goats cannot expect to earn the same amount as the one who raises 200 goats.

So, all you need to do is to follow the tips and guides in this article and then wait for your business to pick up in the shortest possible time.


Goat farming might seem like a business that involves a lot of work and expense but in reality, goats are one of the easiest animals to raise in the world.

The only thing that goats require from you is their food and shelter. Once you provide them with this, you rest assured that your goats will behave themselves.

Finally, the business is not a business that once you start you will get your profit in just a day or two. It takes some time and after that, you rest assured of a continuous source of income.

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