Souvenirs to Buy From Ghana to Friends Abroad

Souvenirs are simply reminders of a place you have been to. Materials that are unique to the place, also known as mementos.

Souvenirs abound in Ghana, a country so rich in culture and traditions. The colorful city, the people’s hospitality, and the infectious joy in experience are souvenirs. However, it’s the physical and material things we are discussing today.

There are many items you can buy for your friends from Ghana. It all depends on the kind of items the person likes.


It’s one thing to have such good thoughts for your friends and another to purchase something they’ll love. So what does this person love? What does this person know about Ghana, and what will intrigue them? Those are relevant questions you need to ask before choosing a souvenir.

What to Buy?

Batakari (Smock)

People front the northern part of Ghana wear the Smock. It is a dress woven into beautiful, bold patterns that can be worn anywhere. The Smock is rich and unique to the Ghanaian culture and a sure souvenir you can buy for your friend abroad. It is not very cheap, and you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size. All you need to do is purchase a one-size-fits-all.


Beads are another excellent souvenir. Handmade antique beads or processed bracelets, anklets, and necklaces are a good pick. There are beads made from stone, others from glass. Some scarce and expensive ones are sometimes secretly stuffed with gold and other precious stones. Isn’t that amazing? Beads are definitely a good pick.

Figurines and Relics

Figurines, artifacts, and relics are a favorite. It could be a small wooden artifact, a huge figurine, or anything that works for your friend. They are indications of the African and Ghanaian cultures, each telling a different story.

Kente Cloth

The popular Kente cloth is a great souvenir idea. You can’t purchase Kente cloth anywhere else except Ghana. You can say it’s one of our most precious clothing materials since it functions as a kingly regalia worn mostly for engagements and weddings. Owning a Kente is a significant flex, and you can purchase some for your friend. 

Ahenema/made-in-Ghana shoes and sandals

The Ahenema is also worn by royalty. These beautiful and strong sandals are designed only in Ghana and, once again, are worn by royalty because the original ones are pretty expensive but definitely worth it.

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Ghanaian Fabrics

Who visits Ghana without getting Ghanaian fabric from any of the reputable textile industries? Whether from GTP or not, you can get a fabric to buy anywhere in the country. There are soft materials and heavy cloth prints, and you have the liberty to choose anyone that’s most beautiful to you. They can be used to sew dresses, trousers, skirts, caps, bags, and even bikini wears.

Where to Buy Them?

Now that you know your options, you can go ahead to purchase any of them at the local gift shops and art centers below;

  • Accra Arts Centre (Centre for National Culture)

Located on Gulf Street, Accra. Call them on 030 250 8500 for inquiries

  • Wild Gecko Handicrafts

Located on John Evans Atta Mills High Street, Accra.

  • Lotus Gallery

Lotus Gallery is located at East Legon, Trassaco Estate Road

Call them on 030 295 0158 to make inquiries.

  • Markets in Accra

This can be a hustle if you’re a first-time visitor. You can visit the market in Accra with someone you know from here and browse for souvenirs.

  • Tourist Sites. You can also purchase souvenirs from some tourist sites here in Ghana. These souvenirs are usually sold at the entrance of these sites, that’s what meets you when you arrive, and it’s the last thing you see before you leave, so you will be forced to purchase something by all means.


The originals of items like the Kente Cloth and Smock are sometimes difficult to find in the art shops. However, you can get them at the local market or speak to a friend who will then arrange for you to get one from someone they know. 

Do not leave Ghana empty-handed; buy something to take with you, a reminder of cultural joy and happiness. A truth about who we are as Ghanaians and what we represent. All the goods.

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