Questions to Expect at a Nursing and Midwifery Interview and How to Answer Them

You are all excited about getting accepted into one of the most reputable nursing training schools in the country, but you are not done yet. You need to prepare for an interview. This interview will determine if you have the personality, passion, and needed skills to be a nurse. You might be feeling tense at the moment, not knowing what to expect but we will take you through some of the questions you can get asked.

Below are a few of the questions you can expect at a Nursing and Midwifery Interview.

  1. Who are you? Or tell us about yourself.
  2. How do you understand nursing and midwifery?
  3. If you get the chance to become a nurse in Ghana, what will you do to help the health sector?
  4. Why did you decide to become a nurse? Or why did you choose this profession?
  5. Why do you think you would be the best candidate for our nursing program?
  6. Do you have any questions for us? Or ask us anything.
  7. Why did you choose to study with us first?
  8. Was there ever a time you were faced with a situation that challenged your confidence and sense of assurance? How did you deal with it?
  9. What are your strengths?
  10. What is your weakness?
  11. What were you doing previously, before applying to study at this school?
  12. In today’s society, what is a nurse’s responsibility?
  13. If you noticed a classmate cheating in an examination, what will you do? And why do would you choose to do that?
  14. Tells us two things on your bucket list
  15. If you become a nurse, what is the worst situation you think you would have to deal with? And how will you handle it?
  16. Are you willing to challenge yourself?
  17. What have you learned over the years that is now guiding your path?
  18. Patients sometimes complain about the behavior of nurses, that they feign nonchalance when patients are in critical conditions and they have disrespectful, what do you make of that?
  19. What is your dream job?
  20. Why should we choose you over many other applicants?

How to Answer These Questions


We can’t tell how to answer these questions word for word. But we can give you a few tips, show you how to break the questions down and answer them. The first thing is to give the board the respect they need. You will never be in the good books of people if you’re disrespectful. Respect comes in how you talk, your facial expressions, and the things you say. Try to use the word “please” regularly, before you answer a question. Respect takes one everywhere.

Be poised. Be in a state of balance. A balance between enthusiasm and calmness. You will be asked questions to test your ethical viewpoints and know, who you are. Be quick to think on your feet when you can and be enthusiastic about your views and answers while remaining calm and respectful.

Be articulate. Don’t talk too much. Give direct and clear answers to the questions being asked and always make eye contact, which shows how confident you are. Even if you’re not. Talking too much merits mistakes. And you wouldn’t want to be fumbling at the interview.

The last thing to carry along with you is honesty. Honesty can always be felt. Honesty makes you human and allows people to know more about you. When you feel like you are about to tell a lie, end your sentence. Be you, don’t try to be too smart, just go straight forward and do you.

How Should you Look on That Day?

You should look professional, wear a solid colour and show them that you are here and you are ready. Short hair, putting your hair in a bun, and keeping neat and short nails speak volumes. Don’t use loud perfume. And smile.

Smile through the fear and look respectful.


It is always important to do a little practice before going for the interview. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself some of these questions. Practice and work on your tone as well. Know where the questions are coming from and answer them accordingly.

If it is to test your ethical viewpoints, be confident with your answer. If it is to know you, be calm and articulate. Make eye contact to show you’re confident, nod your head at questions to show you’re attentive, and use your hands a little bit, respectfully, it helps keep the attention of those asking the questions.

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to answer any of these questions, all you need is to make use of who you are as a person, your personality comes to play, it is the whole point of the interview, to know who you are. Take some time to go through this article. You’ve got this!

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