Price of a goat in Ghana

Goats are a popular livestock animal in Ghana and are often raised for their meat and hides. The price of a goat can vary depending on a number of factors, including the breed, age, and location of the animal.

For farmers, understanding the market value of goats can help them make informed decisions about breeding, buying, and selling animals. It can also help them to plan their budgets and maximize their profits.

For individuals who are interested in purchasing goats, knowing the average price can help them to avoid being overcharged by sellers who may take advantage of their lack of knowledge about the market.

Prices of Goats in Ghana


The average price of goats in Ghana is between GHS 350 to GHS 500. The price can go up to GHS 1,000 if the goat is a quality breed. The price of goats in Ghana also depends on their age and weight. Young goats are cheaper than older goats, and lighter goats are cheaper than heavier ones.

Factors that Affect the Price of a Goat in Ghana

1. Age and Weight

The older and heavier the goat, the more expensive it will be. Because older goats have had more time to grow and develop, and they typically have more meat on their bones.

2. Breed

Some breeds are more popular than others, and therefore command a higher price. Boer goats for instance are known for their meat quality and are highly sought after in Ghana.

3. Market Demand

If there is high demand for goats in a particular area, prices will be higher. This mostly happens during religious festivals and other cultural celebrations. During these times, prices can increase than the usual.

4. Season

When there is plenty of grass and other vegetation during rainy season, goats tend to be cheaper. There is more food available for them to eat. Meaning, farmers can afford to sell them for less.

5. Location

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In rural areas, where goats are more abundant, prices tend to be lower. In urban areas, where demand is higher and supply is limited, prices can be much higher.


Goat rearing is a significant source of livelihood for many Ghanaians, and the price of goats plays a crucial role in determining the profitability of the business. 

While the prices of goats can either increase or decrease, it is important for farmers to have a good understanding of the market and make good decisions to maximize profits.

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