Polytank Types, Prices, and Where to Buy in Ghana

Are you looking to buy quality and durable tanks that will not break or crack in the sun within a few months after purchase? Is it a septic tank you want, dustbins, or biodigester?

Polytank has got you. Find out, in the article, the types of tanks they produce, their price, and where you can buy them at affordable prices

Polytank Ghana has made its name in Ghana being the best plastic manufacturers over the years. Producing storage systems, waste management systems other useful plastic containers in high quality. These tanks are prized according to their sizes.


Polytank is the first company to have introduced the production of large water storage tanks and has been patronized by a lot of people

They introduced the Hippo, Sumo, and Rambo tanks which can carry from 200 to 30,000 liters of water. These tanks are used in schools, homes, and companies.

Apart from being used as water tankers, they can carry chemicals such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and even alcoholic beverages.

Other products include biodigesters, Polytank dustbins, mobile toilets, multipurpose bins, septic tanks, Polykiosks, and fish farming tanks. All under different product categories.

Polytank Ghana Products and their Prices

Hippo, sumo and Rambo Series (Water Storage Products)

All three tank series are high quality, durable and long-lasting and can carry whatever capacity of water you need. They are available in different sizes and colors. The price of the hippo tank ranges from GHS 795.00 to GHS 2,690. Coming in different sizes, they are very suitable for the home.

Polytank Rambo series can cost from GHS175 to GHS22, 160.00 depending on the size you are looking at.

Rambo series tanks are of high quality and can last for so many years. Sumo series cost between GHS 480.00 and GHS 1,360.00. Affordable, is it not?

Waste management products (septic tanks, multipurpose bins, mobile toilets, dustbins, biodigester

Septic Tanks

Poly tanks septic tanks have 5,000 to 5,000-liter storage capacities. They are non-corrosive. Strong and eco-friendly tanks that are very suitable for waterlogged areas.

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They can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. This tank costs between GHS 3,100.00 and GHS 4,900.00.

Mobile Toilets

Mobile toilets, the little portable toilets you use at weddings, funerals, festivals, and any outdoor events. Polytank has the strongest and hygienic mobile kiosks that contain washing basins, toilet seats, and ‘optional bio-digester’ for waste management.

Storage tank capacity is 100 liters and costs between GHS 115.00 and GHS 6,500.00 and are environmentally friendly.


With dustbins, Polytank has a little bit of competition with other manufacturers but they have one of the strongest bins that can be used at homes and workplaces.

They come in different models and can carry up to 340litres of trash. They do not cost much, from GHS 210.00 to GHS 320.00

Multipurpose bins

As the name suggests, these plastic bins can be used to serve different purposes in waste management. Very suitable for homes and offices. You can buy one for as low as GHS 90


Polytank biodigesters cost from GHS 345.00 to GHS 1,090.

This biodigester system uses organic waste, excreta from animals and humans to produce fertilizers and biogas.

They are high quality, portable, and hygienic low-cost containers.

Fish farming tank (Aquafarming)

Polytank has a fish tank that is used for backyard fish breeding. With a holding capacity ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 liters, they can be used for domestic and aqua cultivation.

Should you have between GHS 215.00 and GHS 10,000, you can purchase a fish farming tank from Polytank.


Do you want a small or large kiosk for your store or business centers? Contact Polytank Ghana limited for that will come in the size and color you prefer. The price range for a poly kiosk is between GHS 3,050 and GHS 3,440.00

Other products include road barriers, available at GHS 325 to GHS 760.00, GHS 90.00 earth pit, and traffic cones at GHS 70.00

The company also makes industrial products such as the industrial trolley, pallet, and poly moto box, all costing between GHS 300 to GHS 1,100.

Where to Buy Polytank in Ghana

You can buy any tank online at www.polytankgh.com or call them

  1. Accra head office: 0302 811 576
  2. Kumasi regional head office: 032 202 6828
  3. WhatsApp: 059 691 1330

Locate the Polytank Ghana head office at Motorway Industrial Estate, Baatsona, Behind the Coca Cola bottling plant.

Email: [email protected]


When making a purchase, make sure to look for high quality, durable, strong, and authentic product.

Even if it is costly, think of how long you will use it. Buy from any plastic company of your choice but make enough inquiries to choose the best.

Polytank has been doing this since 1992, they have won numerous awards and are committed to introducing new products in subsequent years.

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