Places to Go for Vacation in Ghana

Stress is responsible for numerous illnesses, that is why it is essential to, once in a while, find an excellent spot to relax for a day or two, and a country with a coastline of 550 kilometers, lush greenery, and favorable summer weather, you chose the right place for your vacation.

There are many beautiful places to go to, with the right ambiance for your relaxation, and are cost-effective.

Whether you want to take a leave of absence from work or observe a specific holiday with friends and family, the Asetena team has compiled a list of the best places to relax, rewind and rejuvenate. Below are our top picks for you;

Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm


Yes, you read that right, a spa and a health farm located at Sogakope. They say that the location is a healing sanctuary for body, mind, soul, and spirit. You do not only get a medical center to attend to your health needs but also a serene environment that faces the grand Volta River.

The place is also designed and decorated in calm green colors to boost your dopamine. They have honeymoon packages, church retreats, health vacations, and more. There is a spa that offers massages, sauna, Jacuzzi, facials, salon services, and others.

You can go for a boat cruise, camel riding, or chill indoors playing video games. There is accommodation, a bar, and restaurants at your convenience. Their packages range from GHS 250 to GHS 11, 557. Holy trinity spa says they are the first and the best in West Africa, so look no further.

Mobile: 0244311160/ 0264311160/ 0244311161

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Aqua Safari Resort

Doesn’t the place’s name even sound dreamy and comforting to you? Perhaps you love to swim or generally feel relaxed when you have water around you; then Aqua Safari resort is the place to be. The riverfront hotel is located at Ada and is designed for your relaxation.

All rooms at the hotel come with a Tv, heater, fridge, toiletries, hairdryer, and more, except the superior standard and junior suite. You can go horse riding, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, fishing, and swimming at the beach or poolside.

It is a fantastic place to relax and snap beautiful photos, and the kind of place you visit once in a while to take a breath from the busy system of things. So whether you prefer a peaceful or vibrant stay, Aqua Safari resort has covered you. If you have between GHS 250 and GHS 3,500, you can enjoy a modest vacation at Aqua Safari.

Mobile: 054110190

Email: [email protected]

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Sajuna Beach Club

This private beach is located between Senchi and Atimpoku on the Akosombo road. Here you are exposed to lush greenery, a private beach, good food, etc. Sajuna is more like a family getaway location and a perfect place for a picnic or party, safe for children and adults.

There is a gym and a restaurant with good food. There are numerous outdoor activities to participate in, and you can make new acquaintances and learn a few things. You can enjoy delicious fried snails and shrimps at the Senchi Bridge when coming back.

You only need a GHS 20 entrance fee to enter as an adult and GHS 15 for children.

Mobile: 0208136825/ 0248752158

Email: [email protected]

The Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort

The Royal Senchi hotel and resort is a 4-star resort in Ghana, located on the Senchi Ferry Road at Akosombo. They say that their resort “stands on 35 acres of lush greenery with a magnificent view of the volta river. We offer a unique blend of fauna and flora, traditional architecture and modernity of the highest standard”.

For honeymoons, business meetings, and conferences, the royal Senchi is the place to be. They have luxurious bedrooms and conference rooms, a poolside, good food, picnic areas, etc. While at the royal senchi, you can visit the Tafi Monkey Sanctuary and the Wli waterfall.

Mobile: 0244958822/ Tel: 0303409180

Email: [email protected]

Mekandi Riverside Resort

Mekandi riverside resort is the most affordable getaway resort at Akuse, Akosombo. The place is simple but beautiful, with just the right ambiance: spacious rooms, a riverfront, a swimming pool, and grand vegetation.

The place is a natural hideout, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, remote and serene. With as little as GHS200, you can enjoy an incredible vacation at Aseda Resort.

So whether you are going on a romantic getaway, business conference, eco and nature tour, or a family vacation, Mekandi resort has covered.

Mobile: 0261898247

Other vacation spots worth mentioning are:

  • Volta Serene Hotel
  • Sogakope Beach Resort
  • Labadi Beach Hotel
  • Oasis Beach Resort
  • Lou Moon Lodge
  • Axim Beach Hotel
  • Safari Valley Resort

Many of these vacation spots are located in the Volta Region of Ghana because that is the most beautiful region in the country. We will leave you to argue with your mobile phone about that.

Visit any of the locations above, and you are assured of the best experience. The world’s stress in this system of things can be overwhelming. If you can afford it, go on a vacation today.

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