Pharmacies That Operate 24hours in Accra

Pharmacies are involved in the retail and wholesale of medicines to customers. Pharmacists and medicine counter assistants are there to advise patients and help provide comprehensive health care, which is essential to the growth of strong and healthy people in a given society.

This is why most pharmacies go beyond their 16 to 17-hour shifts to provide 24-hour services to their customers.

Having a pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day has its element of risk, but it helps people, especially those who forget to pick up their prescriptions.


You can get advice from your pharmacist anytime you want. In case of an emergency, you can quickly rush to the pharmacy to pick up a few items for first aid before transferring the patient to the hospital.

Chains of pharmacies are typical of 24-hour pharmacies. Usually, the owners like to build branches in different parts of the country.

And these pharmacies have won many awards and have been recognized as the best, with some of the best pharmacists to run things. There are a few of them that have been listed below with their contact information.

Visit any of these places to buy your prescription medications or that medication you have been looking for, for a very long time but have not come across. Some of them even do deliveries.

Top Up Pharmacy (all branches open 24 hours)

Head office – Lena House, Community 9

030 330 9741/ 024 435 5201

Oxford Street – Osu, adjacent Barclays bank

030 276 3736/ 024 222 6555

Tema comm 4 – near Afram Motors

030 321 2591/ 020 435 5202

Tema comm 2 – opposite UT Bank

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030 320 0808/ 020 435 5203

Top up pharmacy – Spintex

030 280 0941

Top up pharmacy – East Legon, Jesuskro Square

050 144 7384

Website –

Pillpoint Pharmacy

Spintex Road – Glory Oil, Accra (Opens 24hours)

020 000 4044

Pillpoint – Atomic Branch

024 222 6094

Pillpoint – Teshie Branch

024 718 9718

Pillpoint – East Legon Branch

030 293 6441

Danpong Pharmacy

Danpong Medical Center’s pharmacy – Spintex (opens 24 hours)

Nungua – Kantamanto, near Nungua Secondary School

030 281 1153

Website –


Addpharma – Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Branch, independence Avenue

026 638 8182

Addpharma – Lighthouse Mission Hospital Branch

050 160 6322

Other branches at Pig Farm, Darkuman, and North Ridge do not open 24hours

Email – [email protected]


Pharmatrust – Odorkor Branch (opens 24 hours)

050 145 5563/ 050 145 5556

Pharmatrust – Kasoa (opens 24 hours)

050 145 5556

Email – [email protected]

Pilldoctor Pharmacy

Lakeside community 6 – Opposite Madina Institute of Technology (opens 24 hours)

026 700 0104

Email – [email protected]

Vita Pharma Limited

Guggisberg Avenue – Accra (opens 24 hours)

024 086 9581

Prime Pharmacy

East Legon – Garden Road (opens 24 hours)

050 158 4305

Spintex Road (opens 24 hours)

020 152 5646

Black Swan Pharmacy

kwashieman – Santa Maria Road (opens 24 hours)

Brobbson Pharmacy and Supermarket

East Legon, Accra (opens 24 hours)

Reliance Pharmaceuticals

Baatsona(Kotobabi), Spintex road (opens 24 hours)

020 134 9000

What do you want to purchase? A particular medication you have been looking for, for years? Prescription drugs? Or do you want to monitor your blood sugar, blood pressure or check your body mass index? Visit any of these pharmacies. You are guaranteed the best service alongside expert advice.

If you want medications to be delivered to you at the comfort of your home, call any of the phone numbers above.

If you know of any pharmacy that works 24 hours and has not been listed here, leave a name in the comment.

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