Outdoor Swimming Pool Prices in Ghana

A swimming pool is a man-made structure designed for recreational or competitive swimming. It is typically filled with water and may be built in various sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, circular, or irregular.

Most at times, swimming pools are found in residential areas, hotels, community centers, and in public facilities. Swimming pools are often used for exercise, relaxation, and socialization, and serves as a refreshing spot during a heated summer.

This article will be talking about swimming pool, the price in building a swimming pool in Ghana and the factors that affect the price of building an outdoor swimming pool in Ghana.

Requirements needed in building an outdoor swimming pool in Ghana

  1. A suitable location for the pool must be identified, preferably a flat surface that can accommodate the size of the pool.
  2. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses from local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.
  3. Get a reputable contractor with experience in building swimming pools to carry out the project.
  4. The pool should have a reliable water supply and drainage system.
  5. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool should be considered.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Prices in Ghana

The cost of building a standard outdoor swimming pool in Ghana ranges from GHS 40,000 to GHS 80,000. If you’re looking to install a more advanced swimming pool with additional features, the cost will go up to GHS 120,000 or even more.

Cost of maintaining a swimming pool

The maintenance costs of an outdoor swimming pool in Ghana can vary depending on the size of the pool and the type of maintenance required. On average, you can expect to pay between GHS 500 to GHS 1,000 per month for maintenance services.

Factors that affect Outdoor Swimming Pool Prices in Ghana

1. Size of the pool

Larger pools require more materials and labor to install, so they tend to be more expensive. In addition, larger pools also require more maintenance and upkeep, which can add to the overall cost of owning a swimming pool.

2. Type of pool

Each type of pool has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the cost can vary depending on the type of pool you choose.

The type of pool includes: above-ground, in-ground, and semi-inground pools. Above-ground pools tend to be the least expensive, while in-ground pools are the most expensive.

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3. Materials used

Materials can also.have an impact with the cost a pool will involve. Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable option, but may not last longer compared to the others.

When choosing materials for your pool, it is important to consider long term pool materials and also know the maintenance cost.

4. Location

If the land is on a slope or has rocky soil, it may be more difficult and expensive to install a swimming pool.

If you live in an area with high construction costs, you may end up paying more for the labor and materials needed to build your pool.

5. Additional features

When building the pool, you may want additional features to be added. Features such as waterfalls, lighting, and heating can all add to the cost of building a swimming pool.

While these features can enhance the overall experience of owning a pool, they can also increase the initial cost.


While it may seem like a significant investment, having a swimming pool can bring many benefits, including health, social, and aesthetic.

Consult with professionals to get a realistic estimate of the cost and to ensure that the pool is built safely and to the required standards.

Arrange for proper maintenance and care for the pool after setting it up and it will in return provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family

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