Most Popular Street Foods You Should Try While in Ghana

Every country has different types of grab-and-go street foods.

Many people assume such foods are unhealthy and should be avoided. What do you think? You are here reading this article tells us that you think otherwise and want to try street food in Ghana. We will introduce you to these foods and tell you how much you can buy them.

But first, do you know that consuming foods in small amounts helps induce digestion? This is one of the reasons why people like street foods, apart from the fact that they are very tasty.


They are cheap as well. You can get some street foods in Ghana for under $1. How cool is that? These meals come in different forms, and they can be simple, from one boiled egg to yams and potatoes with chicken, sweet or savory.

You can find street foods to buy anywhere in Ghana. Even in residential areas.

Below are the best street foods you can try while in Ghana.


Kelewele is a popular Ghanaian street food enjoyed by many.

It is simply chunks of ripe plantain that have been spiced with ginger, pepper, cloves, onion, and salt to taste. It is then deep-fried and served with groundnuts, and Kelewele can also be eaten alone.

Nothing beats the taste of Kelewele. Plus, it is very healthy. Plantains contain fiber, vitamins A, C, and b6, and magnesium and potassium minerals.

Kelewele is usually sold in the evenings, so you can trust these fried chunks of plantain after a hard day’s work to satisfy and make your day. You can buy kelewele at $1

Kyikyinga/ Suya

If you enjoy spicy food, then you have got to try Suya.

Kyikyinga/Suya are large raw sausages, cow meat, goat or chicken meat cut in slices, poked into a stick, and placed on a barbecue grill. It is then spiced with suya spice.

The spice is made with roasted peanuts, cayenne pepper, ground ginger, cloves, garlic powder, and stock cube. It is then allowed to cook for a while and served with a small portion of the spice. It takes like heaven and is usually served with chilled drinks.

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Roasted Plantain

Roasted plantain, alias “Kofi brokeman,” is popular Ghanaian street food. As the name suggests, it is roasted plantain, and it can be ripe or unripe and served with roasted peanuts/groundnuts.

It is delicious and cheap, hence the name “for Kofi the broke man,” meaning, no matter how dry your pocket is, you can afford roasted plantains with roasted peanuts.

Cooked/ Roasted Maize with Dried Coconut

You will love this street food if you like maize in your meal. This corn has either been cooked or roasted and dipped into saltwater served with dried salted coconut.

You can eat this in the morning, afternoon and even at night. Corn also contains vitamin C, which helps protect your immune system and ward off diseases. And hey, dried coconut helps lower your cholesterol.

Fried Yams with Fried Chicken/ Octopus

Fried yam with fried chicken is the cheaper version of potato chips and fried chicken, and it is just as delicious and healthy. Yam is rich in fiber which helps to boost brain health, reduce inflammation and improve blood sugar levels.

Fried yam and chicken are also served with a hot pepper sauce called Shito. And oh, the yam is salted before a friend. Just like the potato chips, it is also sliced Batonnets. You can add a little drink to this if you want, and it all goes down well.

Spaghetti/ Indomie

Spaghetti and ramen noodles stir-fried in vegetables and spiced with hot powdered pepper and other spices are also staple Ghanaian street food. It is fast, easy to prepare, cheap, and it is delicious, and you can get it everywhere in the country.

You can buy it at any time of the day, but people usually love to enjoy this food in the evenings. Spaghetti is a good source of energy and fiber, as are ramen noodles, which are also very rich in calcium.

Boiled Eggs with Pepper

This is more like a mid-morning snack. It is delicious, spicy, and addictive. When you buy one boiled egg with pepper, you will surely buy another if you’re not careful enough. Boiled eggs are a good source of lean protein and contain just the right amount of Vitamin D.

There are many other foods you can buy on the streets of Ghana, but they cannot exactly be regarded as street foods. For instance, fried rice, jollof rice, and other meals and snacks.

The staple street foods are the ones listed above. Whenever you are in Ghana, try any of these street foods, and you will not regret it. They are very healthy, easy to find and cheap as well.

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