Max International Ghana: How To Get Rich Business; Registration, Join & Meetings

Max International has come to stay in Ghana, and honestly speaking, it is the best way to make money in this 21st century.

Though the company’s objective is to empower people to experience better health, success, and significance, my focus is on the financial success part, for now.

Let me say emphatically that majority of people who join Max and are making it big only had the aim of achieving financial freedom.

What is Max International?


In short, Max International is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company or a Network Marketing company.

It is known commonly as “The Glutathione Company”. What is Glutathione? Your body naturally produces glutathione for preventing cancer, heart disease, dementia, and other chronic diseases.

As you age along, or the more you take poor diets, toxins, medications or get stressed, your glutathione levels deplete. And that is when Max comes in with its life-changing food supplements to increase lost glutathione levels.

Not only that, you also get financial freedom as you continue to become an associate of this great business.

The Max International Opportunity

Looking at what a lot of people have achieved out of Max, it is very strange to say no to such an opportunity.

I believe this is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of, especially those of you who have heard about it, or those reading about it now.

Even if you are paid 5,000 Ghana cedis a month from your job, you’ll continue to take that amount for the next ten years. With Max, you can make a significant exponential amount of money month after month.

Why Join Max International?

Like I said in the beginning, most people join max for financial freedom. There are people who have attained high ranks in the company. These ranks fetch them thousands of Ghana cedis every month. That is financial freedom. You make money while at home.

Starting a business is not very easy, especially in Ghana. With Max, you can actually start your own network marketing or associates business with a not too high startup capital. And the company is registered, so there is no need to fear.

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Check out a picture of the head office in East Legon in the company introduction above. There is also an office in Kumasi, at Asokwa, Ho, and Sunyani.

There are weekly training sessions and Business Opportunity Meetings all over the country. Contact me for venues of the training centres.

All you need now is to join, attend the training sessions, get active and then you continue to earn residual income, month after month.

Even if you are not ready to join now, but hoping to join in the future, it is important to start attending the free training sessions to understand more about the business.

How to Join Max International

You can only join Max International through someone who is already a member or associate.

You can join Max with 700 cedis today. Attend a Max Business presentation first to understand the business before signing up. Check out the presentation venues and time from when you scroll down on this post.

What is the hidden truth of Max International?

Just like any network marketing business, your success depends greatly on your team or the person who registers you.

If you are on this page and have already attended a Max Business Meeting (you can check meeting locations below) to have a feel of what the business is all about, you are on your way to financial freedom.

This article will now take you through the Max International registration process; how to make the payment (Mobile Money or Bank), and how to get your enroller to create your online account – what is called the Virtual Office.

The Decision to Get Started Today

If you made a decision to get started today, I’d assure you that this is one of the best decisions you are ever taking in life. If your enroller sends you this payment process, he is not trying to dupe you.

This is the simplest and fastest method almost every Max Associate uses. Unless the person wants to go to the bank, join a queue, and go through all the banking stress.

To register for Max you need your enroller to take your personal and bank details to register you on the virtual office. But you first need to make your 700 cedis payment first.

There are two ways you could make this payment; through a bank or Mobile Money. Max currently supports only MTN Mobile Money.

Now let us get started

How to Make Payment to Max by MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial *170# on your phone (MTN users only). For other network users, you can visit a vendor to make the payment.
  2. Choose the Pay Bill Option.
  3. Select General Payment.
  4. Enter the code max into the box that appears.
  5. Enter 700 in the amount section
  6. Use your surname, for instance as the reference.
  7. Enter your Mobile Money pin to complete the payment.

After payment has been done, you would get a message from MTN containing your payment details (Amount, who you paid to, transaction ID, Reference, Date, and Time)

Take a screenshot or submit these details to the one inviting you.

After the payment is done, and the details sent to your registrar, the next thing is to send your personal and bank details to him/her.

This is what would be used to create a virtual office for you to run your Max business.

Please note that your money will never get missing when you use this method; provided you don’t delete the message containing the payment details. Even if you mistakenly do, your payment can be traced because you have your phone number in mind.

Now you have to send your details for completing your Max International registration.

Information needed to Complete Your Max International Registration

The following details are required to complete your Max International registration:

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Location (Address)
  6. Bank Account and Branch (Required to receive your Max payments).

If you do not have a bank account, you could substitute your MTN Mobile Money Wallet for that. But you need to get a bank account after at least one month in the business.

Time to Start Working MAX

After you have made your payment and got your virtual office active, what next? Now is the time to get working. Now is the time to impact your life and society.

You need to attend your first training in one of the venues listed below.

You need to be given all the guidance and materials you need to prosper. This is the responsibility of your registrar (upline). He is supposed to make sure you win big. This is because your win is his win. He doesn’t have to leave you to your faith.

That also does not mean that your hard work is going to be the one to pay him. Do not think like that. That is negative mindedness. You need to understand the business for yourself. The better you understand the Max business, the easier it is for you to win.

I am not going to say everything here. Let us get talking if you need more clarification. Like I always say, if this is the first place you heard about Max, Attend a Max business meeting and become a part of my Max team.

Max International Business Opportunity Meetings

Max International has Business Opportunity Meetings (BOMs) all over Ghana. I want to share with you the meeting venues and schedules so you can attend the next one around you.

Please note that with the exception of Accra, Kumasi, and Ho which have Max offices, the rest of the schedules can change at any time.

You may need to confirm with your the one inviting you if the other locations will have theirs that particular week.

These meetings are held on a weekly basis, so if you missed this week, you can always attend the next week’s one. But note that, you have this week to attend.

The earlier you become an Associate, the better for you.

At these meetings, presentations are done on how to do the business, and what Max is all about. This is the best avenue to understand Max International business and the products.

Max Meeting Time Meeting Schedules



Max Head Office East Legon

  • ‍‍‍Meeting Time: Wednesday, 6 pm
  • Meeting Time: Friday, 6 pm
  • Meeting Time: Saturday, 10:30 am.
  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm
  • Conference Call: Tuesday, 8 pm
  • Training: Thursday, 6 pm
  • Training: Saturday, 12:30 pm

Mayflower Catering Services Community 10 (2nd Floor)

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm
  • Training: Sunday, 2 pm



Summit Lodge, Off Atakyem Road

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm
  • Associate Training: Sunday, 5:30 pm



Max Office: 30 Seconds Walk From Ahodwo Roundabout.

  • Meeting Time: Wednesday, 6 pm
  • Meeting Time: Friday, 6 pm
  • Meeting Time: Saturday, 4 pm
  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 2 pm, and 5 pm
  • New Associate Orientation: Monday, 6 pm
  • Training: Thursday, 6 pm
  • Training: Saturday, 1:30 pm

Municipal Assembly Conference Room

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm
  • Training: Sunday, 5:30 pm

YMCH Conference Centre, Behind the Government Hospital

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm
  • Training: Sunday, 5 pm

Beco Guest House

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 2 pm



Pax Conference Room, Beside CESLT, UCC

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 2 pm

New Timers Hotel, 2nd Bus Stop/Near Pink Fm

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm



Teachers Cooperative Credit Union, Behind VIP Bus Station and New Associates Orientation at Green Leaf Eating Place 50m From Sunyani Airport

  • Meeting Time: Saturday, 4 pm
  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm
  • New Associate Orientation: Wednesday, 5 pm
  • Training: Saturday, 1:30 pm

RCH Hall Atebubu Government Hospital

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 2 pm



Hillcrest Hotel (Adjacent Shippers Council)

  • Training: Sunday, 3 pm
  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 4 pm

Gold Fields Junior Club House

  • Training: Sunday, 4 pm
  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 5 pm



Volta Office, High Court Road about 100m from the SIC Building.

  • Meeting Time: Wednesday, 6 pm.
  • Meeting Time: Sunday 2:30 pm
  • New Associate Orientation: Monday 6 pm
  • Training Thursday, 6 pm

PPAG Library (near Ghana Water Company)

  • Meeting Time: Sunday, 4 pm
  • Training: Sunday, 6 pm

Verdi Pharmacy

  • MEGA Meeting Time: Sunday, 3 pm



Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium

  • Super Sunday: Sunday, 2 pm

Regional Health Directorate Training Unit

  • Associates Training: Tuesday 6 pm



SSNIT House Conference Hall

  • Meeting Time: Saturday, 2 pm
  • Associates Training: Saturday, 4:30

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