How to make Money Online in Ghana; Apps & Websites (Step by Step Guide 2018)

The world is changing and so are the possibilities of making money. Hurdles can be seen all the time, everywhere and nothing is easy anymore. If you want to make money in Ghana using an app or via a website, is here to answer all your questions.

This primarily includes making money and the best way in this current generation is through online sources. Online business in Ghana is flourishing fast these days. If you are in it for the bigger picture then you have come to the right place.

These days it’s not only hard to get a day job, but with all the issues of salary, freedom, and satisfaction, I would say that it is better to start off with the best opportunities of making money.


There are tons of ways out there, which are guaranteed to make you kick-off this weekend with a lot of preparations and arrangements.

What to know before trying to make money online in Ghana?

Ghanaians always want to have a successful business which offers numerous advantages but when it comes to the cost of setting up such a venture we lack ideas and plans.

However, we have mentioned a few tips here which will help you gain more knowledge regarding the online business opportunities that exist currently.

Here are a few tips you should follow if you want to start your online business in Ghana and make it a successful one.

Select an area that interests you

Remember that an idea is like an initiator of your business plan. Take note of all the ventures as well as the topics that you are highly interested in. Remember to be specific about the ones that equally match up with your strength too.

Whatever you have chosen must have a high market demand in Ghana as well. You must undertake a thorough research as well. This will help you gain professional knowledge to at least start off with your plan.

Business registration is a must

The authority responsible for registering business ventures in Ghana is known as ‘The Registrar General’s Department’. It is mandatory for you to register your business under the Registrar General.

You will be required to pay a fee; the amount is going to be based on the type of business venture you have chosen to begin with. If you want accurate information regarding the fees for the registration process, you can check the Registrar’s official website.

Get a domain name to start your online work

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Another crucial step is your business name and subsequently, your domain name. Go for something that will highly blend with the type of business as well as the audience that you are targeting. Try to avoid names which might confuse your target audience.

Now that you have chosen your business name, it is high time for you to register with a domain registration company.

Finding a web hosting service

This is the most important step if you want to start an online business. The term ‘online business’ involves the internet and it is of utmost priority that your business exists on the internet. This is why you need a web hosting service.

There are lots of web hosting services available for you, some of which may be freely used. Be aware of the fact that safety and security are of first priority, this is why we recommended you to choose a paid service. Look out for the other additional services as well, all of such aspects count for flourishing your online business.

Designing the layout of the website

An attractive website is never boring or dull but is always distinct and unique. Design your website in such a way that your target audiences get attracted to it. Go for perfection as well as an artistic edge to your website.

To ease up this process, you can contact freelancers or independent website designing companies and start off with a genuine online business in Ghana. Lastly, know every aspect of your website.

Add only appropriate and relevant content

Content is highly important if you want your online business to flourish. It is the major tool that will bring more customers and viewers to your online business hub.

Do not compromise with the content. Remember that by ‘content’ we mean regular updates. Content like that which will keep your viewers interested in your website and they might also turn out to be regular visitors and even promoters.

Ways to make money online in Ghana

Now, we will discuss the different options available to you for making fast money online in Ghana. Here are some of the methods you can try out and make some online money.

Business of importation

Currently, in Ghana, the import business is one of the most trending activities. This type of businesses deals with the importing of goods and services from abroad, primarily for selling purposes.

Please take a note of the following before you begin

  1. Make sure that you have an account that is linked with internet banking.
  2. Create a market for your area of interest.
  3. Look for the online foreign shops and make an account with them.
  4. Order placement.
  5. Payment of the goods that you will be importing.
  6. Delivery of your order.

Start your own website or blog

Online jobs for students in Ghana are less, but, if you are looking for such business opportunities before getting into a day job, you can start a website or a blog as well.

Blogging doesn’t take long. You can actually save your office space and all the extra expense that you would have incurred if you had gone for a usual business.

Blogging is flexible as well, as you can work in the comfort of your home as well. Take a short leap into blogging. However, money making may take a while. Do not jump off into blog writing by quitting your day job. Take your time and do what is right.

Try Affiliate marketing

Stop looking for online data entry jobs in Ghana and start looking for affiliate marketing possibilities. This is a type of performance-based marketing where the businesses are going to reward you on the basis of product or service reference made by you towards their product and service. If your persuasion skills are good and you like to write as well, you can definitely go for affiliate marketing.


Freelancing is definitely an easy alternative to a basic day job. It has been gaining recognition as well. Freelance jobs in Ghana are very popular, especially among teenagers. There are lots of freelancing portals available on the internet. One such is Upwork.

Here is why you should give Upwork Ghana a try.

  1. You will be able to choose clients and projects of your own choice, all you need to do is complete your registration and the jobs will be highlighted to you.
  2. Ensure a higher pay scale as well as a wide variety of work, as the categories of skill requirements are nearly unlimited.

Start a YouTube Channel

Making money in Ghana can’t be easier than this. All you need to do to make some good money is make videos. I know this sounds very weird, but it is a fact.

This has got to be the best online business in Ghana. All you need is a good camera. This can also be considered as a great form of business in the future primarily because you don’t need any start-up investment for this, but just a Gmail account.

Through YouTube, you can rake up an astonishing five billion views per day which are guaranteed to boost your pockets. In the year 2015, the owner of PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg earned a total of twelve million dollars just with a single YouTube channel.

Engage in Paid survey surfing

It is a type of statistical survey where you will be paid based on the surveys that you complete. The list of surveys will be presented before you.

However, take note that you shouldn’t expect a lot of money from paid surveys in Ghana as you will be paid in bits. If you are consistent then during your free time you can earn a lot.

Here are the steps that are involved

  1. Look for the best-paid survey website; do not fall for false claims.
  2. Sign up to the website by using your PayPal account or your credit card.
  3. Explore every corner and aspect of the website and choose the best survey for you.
  4. It usually takes a few days for the company to send you surveys through email, so be patient.
  5. After you get a survey try to complete it with a valid opinion.
  6. After completion of your survey, you are required to find out an effective method of redeeming your points.

Start Online trading

We have listed a lot of online typing jobs in Ghana, perhaps you have heard about online trading as well. You might think it is very complicated, but it is not so much.

The concept of online trading involves the purchasing and selling of the online products through an online-based platform for trading. There are internet based brokers who usually provide such platforms. iFOREX is among such platforms.

They are known to provide a huge variety of such products that include commodities, shares, Forex, Indices and such. Because of some of the primary features of their services, Forex has gained huge popularity. This has been going on for some years now by not only dealing with online investments in Ghana but the whole wide world, as geographical barriers have been transcended.

Review Apps and Websites

You can be a website tester and make lots of money if you are not at all interested in a day job. The app and website reviewing are among the cool online jobs in Ghana with free registration.

As cool as it may sound, a website tester is someone who presents their opinion regarding a random website. There are some companies which may request you to install software with which they will be tracking down your progress.

Here is the list of the companies that are ready to pay you for app and website reviewing so that you can also work online and get paid through mobile money in Ghana.

  1. Whatusersdo – You will need a PC or a Mac, a microphone and internet access for accessing this service. The survey takes roughly around 15-20 minutes. PayPal account is necessary, you might need to pay $8 or more.
  2. UserTesting – This portal doesn’t need any webcam and it is going to pay you around $10 cash for each of the survey that you will complete, that accounts for around 10-15 minutes of the test time.
  3. UTest – You will get a good number of chances to test websites through this portal.
  4. UserFeel – You will get around $10 per test.
  5. Enroll – Here you can get paid to test websites that aren’t launched yet.
  6. Analysia – You will get paid around $10 per test. It takes around 15 minutes to be over.
  7. Userlytics – $10 is the payment you get per test. Microphone and webcam are necessary.
  8. TryMyUI – Surveys here also take around 10-15 minutes. The reward is roughly the same.
  9. Testing Time – Just conduct the user testing studies and get paid for it. The payment is around $50 for a single test.
  10. Amazon Mechanical Turk – This portal belongs to Amazon, which I am sure that you guys have guessed for sure. It offers jobs for website tester; just the pay-scale is comparatively lower to the rest.
  11. Qmee is a portal that will get you paid good cash just to search the web. You will need to download an additional add-on for your web browser. After that, you will need to search the usual way through Google, eBay, Amazon and such. When it comes to working from home jobs in Ghana, Qmee can be your best companion. Qmee will, however, show adverts as well as extra results. There are firms that are paying Qmee in order to appear in the ads after which you get your share as well.

Money is something that is associated with everything we do. It has become the governor of lives and resources more than anything on this planet. It is very difficult to get money, but very easy to spend.

Online business in Ghana is definitely easier as well as a better option. I am quite sure that your hopes and dreams of getting rich have risen up again. If you liked this article make sure to share it with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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