How to make money as an unemployed graduate in Ghana

Frustration, depression, and recklessness have been the order of the day for most graduates in Ghana due to unemployment. There are no stable jobs in the country, even if you are able to find one that you could get into with your certificate, it is by ‘whom- you- know, not a very good case for someone who doesn’t know anybody in high places. 

Are you a university or secondary school graduate looking for something to do to earn some money before you land your dream job? Frustration is written all over your face but continue to read this article and pick up a thing or two.

Become a freelance/Ghostwriter

Perhaps you didn’t major in English language or English literature in school but becoming a writer does not need so much work.


Once you can read and write, you are good to go. With your level of education, reading should not be a problem. Learn how to write excellent articles and join websites like Fiver to get paid for your quality content.

Even if you are getting paid $5 for an article, imagine how many articles you can write within a month.

Improve your resume

When searching for work that would pay you well, you will need experience. Experience with anything. Improve your curriculum vitae by doing small jobs that will give you the familiarity you need.

An example is script checking. Apply for script checking at WAEC ghana. Get a job that would require you to work with customers and clients through which you can learn how to treat customers should you get to work in a huge company where you will be a customer service representative.

Learn a trade if possible

Some individuals are fortunate enough to have learned a trade immediately after they attained their senior high school certificate.

If that was not the case for you, try to learn a trade now in addition to your university certification. Be it fashion designing, plumbing, painting, e.t.c. something that can bring you income and who knows, you will probably develop a love for the labor.

Become an entrepreneur

Quite similar to the point before this but this time around, you will be buying and selling goods. Explore international markets, buy goods from other countries to sell here in Ghana.

Rollover your profits to expand your business. Apart from buying selling goods, you can get involved in any agribusiness, build a snail farm, a pig farm, maize farm. Get involved in production, sales, and marketing. Snail farming has become very popular in recent times. Learn how to start a snail business here. 

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They say the devil finds work for idle hands therefore, it is very important to find something doing, be productive. Read and learn new things every day. If it is freelance writing you want to try, read books, and improve on your vocabulary. With trade, talking to other people who are involved in the trade you will like to engage in will help you, pick up their mind on a thing or two.

Entrepreneurship is not very easy especially when you did not study business in school but thanks to the internet, there is nothing new under the sun anymore. Make use of it.

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