How To Make GHS 100+ every day With 15Ghana

I have always been saying 15Ghana is the platform most of the hard working youths who wish to work from the comfort of their homes should take advantage of. 

What is 15Ghana?

15Ghana is a micro job website where sellers post a job/ service and employers buy the job/service per the price demanded by the seller.

Also, employers are allowed to post the type of service they want and a seller will then recommend a service that best fits their demands. 


How do you make money with this?

You have at least one talent or skill. It could be designing, advertising, singing, writing, transcription, etc.

Check out the example of how it looks like in the screenshot below.

As you can see, the above screenshot is taken from the errands category. If you have no skills at all, at least you can run errands for people and get paid.

To start your journey to making up to Ghc100+ per day on 15Ghana, you will have to sign up. Open this link in your browser.

You should see a similar form as shown in the screenshot above. Fill it with your correct and memorable details then click on the submit button.

Seller dashboard

Locate the “Seller” tab as shown in the screenshot above and click on “Create A Job” from the drop-down. 

Now we are on the page where we will create our first job

I don’t know what kind of service or job you want to offer but no matter the type of job you want to offer, I will advise that you first check the number of people offering similar job and how much they are demanding per task. 

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To find that, just type the title of your job into the search bar of 15Ghana and all similar jobs will appear in the results.

Check example for writing jobs in the screenshot below.

The best way to sell faster is to make your service or job cheaper than the rest of the sellers out there.

Title and price

The title of your job should be as self-descriptive and short as possible. The longer your title, the less the buyer will understand in a single glance.

As I said earlier, make your job a bit cheaper than the already selling jobs.


State exactly what your job is about. How you will start the job and the results the buyer should be expecting.

Do not exaggerate else your gig will look too true to be real. 

Make sure you attach a brief experience you had in the field of work over a period of time if there is any.

Instructions to the buyer

This is where you tell the buyer the items you need to start the job.

Example; If you are writing SEO article, you will have to get the buyer’s preferred keyword, title and the topic the buyer would like the article on. 


Tags are short words you add to your article so that people who search for that particular keyword, will see your product.

You have to use a keyword that is more related to your gig. This works best if the keyword is in your title and description.

Maximum days to complete

How long will it take you to complete the job you are offering?

If by the given time you do not complete the job, the system will cancel and refund the buyer.

Add image

If you know how to manipulate images well, you will be making a great marketer here. Use an image that is so relevant to your job.

Make sure you use high quality image especially if you are going to be posting a graphics oriented job.

Add more images

Add more images to your gig. These should be images that represents a previous work you did or something that proves that you really know what you are selling to the buyer. Fake images will downgrade the quality of your job.

Add extras or allow buyer to purchase multiples

Adding extra to your job is like adding an extra service at a discount price or you can just allow the buyer to purchase the same service over, over and over again.

After everything, submit your job and wait for it to be reviewed. The review could take roughly 24-48 hours but as soon as the job goes live, people will start seeing and interested people will start buying.

How to start making the money even faster

You wont start making money by just posting the job on 15Ghana. You have to do more than just posting to start making money. Here is where the hard work comes in. 

1. Go to Facebook and find groups that are related to your service. If you are selling article writing gig, join groups for bloggers or writers. If you are selling a graphic design gig, join groups that do with people who will need your service. 

Do not join more than 5 groups in a single day

2. Every morning, copy the link to your gig on 15Ghana.

3. Go to and shorten the link.

4. Copy the shortened link

5. Go to Facebook and open one of the groups you joined.

6. Type an awesome description of the job you are offering and paste the copied link.

7. Wait for the link preview to load then you post your link. 

8. Repeat these steps in at least 5 different groups each day. Make sure your description in each group is different else Facebook will delete your posts for spamming. 


Hard work pays but smart work pays better. While you do what I have tested and listed above, you should think of a way to make it even better. While most people don’t know about 15Ghana yet, the more you share your link, the more people will get to know it and the more sales you will make.

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