List Of Working NGOs in Ghana

The world is and has been in chaos for a long time, people are drowning in poverty, diseases, injustice, and many more. These afflictions are what gave birth to the rise of governmental and non-governmental organizations(NGOs), who are aiming to help make life a little bearable for people who are going through difficult situations.

Numerous organizations in the country are taking on different projects to support people. There is a quote by Buddha that says, “life is difficult, how can we be anything but kind?”. Indeed, these organizations are taking on a very worthy course. Below are a few of many charity organizations in the country

Action Aid Ghana

This is one of the oldest Non-profit and non-governmental organizations to have started their charity work in the country. They started in 2005, to support the human rights of individuals.


They are working to achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication. They have many success stories. The organization has provided jobs for many individuals across the country, provided living spaces for homeless people, they are also empowering many women to step out and speak for their rights.

Action said says “change is possible, and it comes from the power of the people”.

African Centre for Peace Building

Since 2010, the organization has been working towards sustainable peace throughout Africa, solving basic problems while focusing on youth development, agriculture, education, poverty reduction.

How are they doing this? They are promoting peace through mediation, justice, and anti-corruption campaigns. The organization accepts support from individuals who want to be part of this course. They accept donations and volunteers, you can also recommend them to other people.

Visit their website for more information.

Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation

We have the habit of abandoning people when they become older. We sometimes find them troublesome and too difficult to care for. That is why Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation says they are here to care for aged people in society.

The organization seeks to improve the quality of life for the elderly and disabled in Ghana. They speak for the right of marginalized groups like aged people who have been labeled as witches and abandoned in rural communities. How can you support their worthy course?

You can donate to the charity, adopt a grandparent, sponsor a grandparent or contribute in cash or kind. The organization says “they helped you grow your teeth, help them lose theirs”.

Volta Aid

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This organization was created 10 years ago and has since been making an impact on people’s lives by educating them, providing jobs, speaking out for human rights, providing quality health care and skill training.

Just like all other organizations, they are also supporting people who are going through tough times, be kind to donate and show your support as well by visiting their website.

Sympathy International

Sympathy International is helpful to eradicate afflictions such as diseases and poverty in Ghana. They are helping the poor and needy by providing jobs, undertake developmental projects, educate and create awareness about diseases such as HIV/AIDS

They have been in existence since 2001, apart from internal revenue generation, they have also received help from a rural bank to establish a cassava processing centre, HIV/AIDS educators project, they have supported the education of the youth among many other developmental projects.

Green Africa Youth Organization

Founded in 2014, this organization has focused on youth and gender advocacy and environmental sustainability, and community development. They help provide solutions to pressing environmental issues like environmental degradation and more.

They take on tree planting exercises, clean-up exercises, programs to teach and educate people about the dangers of destroying the environment. The organization also provides jobs to individuals, fish farming, poultry farms, and more.

Convict Ghana

How prisoners and ex-convicts are discriminated against and stigmatized is no joke. People do not know anything about prisoners, how they got into prisons and how unbearable their lives are in there.

That is why Convict Ghana is here to encourage and support prisoners and ex-convicts in Ghana, talk to them, help them achieve formal education, and have access to vocational/technical training to help them live meaningfully in society. They also speak for the rights of prisoners.

Youth Alive

The mission of the charity is to alleviate the plight of vulnerable children in Northern Ghana by building relationships, collaborating with their parents, guardians and local authorities.

They educate and train these children and youths to become responsible adults in society. They take street children out of the street and put them in schools and introduce them to platforms that can help them.

Gye Nyame Development Foundation

At times, we hear some Ghanaians abroad are living hard lives, they are homeless and begging for alms. Sometimes they are taking care of sick Europeans for money, other times, they are subjected to all forms of abuse.

Gye Nyame Foundation says that not all people who are living abroad are having a good life. That is why the foundation aims to educate, support, and alleviate poverty among Ghanaians living in the United Kingdom.

They are educating, providing jobs, and homes to such individuals to make their stay a lot better.

Millennium Child Support Group

The organization seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable children in deprived and hard to reach communities. Give them a good education, good health care, sponsorships and promote the rights of children

Other non-profit organisations include;

  • The umbrella for the local youth actions
  • Commonwealth aid international
  • Alliance international
  • Olivia Adamu foundation
  • Cimat volunteer network
  • Lays foundation
  • Providential Aid Organisation and many more

The world is still aiming towards achieving all the millennium development goals, and the objectives of these non-governmental organizations are not far from them. If you have the ability, if your life is good enough, don’t relent to donate to any of these charities.

“Life is difficult, how can we be anything but kind”? – Buddha.

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