List of Top Malls in Ghana

People say that shopping malls are only flashy with expensive items they can get at any local market, but that is not true.

Malls are flashy, but the shopping experience there is different. Some things are cheaper than at local markets, and items there are fresh and well taken care of because they are kept in good condition. It will be challenging to purchase an expired item from a shopping mall.

In addition, you have several options to choose from for any item you would like to buy. You also sometimes get discounts you may not enjoy in a local market. Below are the top shopping malls in Ghana you can visit today!

Accra Mall


Located on Plot C11, Teshie Quarshie Interchange, Spintex Road, Accra Mall is a household name in Ghana. It is one of the most visited malls in the country, with 70 retail stores and entertainment offerings. There is even a cinema to watch new movies by all your favorite actors and actresses. It is anchored by Game and Shoprite.

Kumasi City Mall

Located on Old Bekwai Road, Kumasi Asokwa, the Kumasi City mall says it is the pride of Oseikrom.

It is one of the biggest shopping malls in the country. These housing shops sell food, tech, electronics, clothes, jewelry and accessories, furniture, and health and beauty products. There are also numerous entertainment spaces, so events are always ongoing. It is also anchored by Game and Shoprite.

West Hills Mall

This shopping center is located on Winneba road, Dunkonah, New Weija. Everything you need, you will get here. It mainly serves people around Weija, Kasoa, Taifa, and its environs. There are numerous shops and entertainment spaces, including a spa and a forex bureau.

Marina Mall

Marina Mall has 45 stores and services and a 3,250m square retail floor located on the Airport Bypass road. It’s not very far from the airport and has everything you may need to purchase.

China Mall Spintex Mall

China Mall is located at 35 Spintex Road, Accra. There is a reason for its popularity. Unlike the other shipping malls mentioned above, China mall has a variety of items sold for fitting and stocking your chicken, furniture for your rooms, and numerous home appliances. China mall’s other branches are spread across Accra, so anywhere you are, you can shop with them.

Junction Mall

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The junction is also a people’s favorite. Located by Nungua Police Barrier, Junction Mall is a conducive place to be a great place to shop. Numerous shops include Pizza hut, Pandora, Telefonika, Decathlon, and Shoprite. It is anchored by Shoprite and Decathlon.

Palace Mall

The Palace at Flowerpot roundabout at Spintex is China Mall’s only competition. It has products for your kitchen and rooms. Tiles, doors, and appliances abound there. Eat good food there as well.

Other shopping malls people love visiting are Legon City Mall, Palm Square, and Oyarifa Mall, among others. Which mall do you frequent?

Did you know you can visit the mall even when you’re broke? Nothing motivates you to work hard as Windows shopping does. Perhaps you should visit the mall one of these days when you need more productivity to see a change.


Because of the recent rise in fuel and increments in commodities, you should always find options and weigh them when shopping for items. Visit the local market and then the mall, and see the difference in prices before making a purchase, so you can save some money.

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