List of the Best Bible Schools in Ghana

There are many theological schools in Ghana to train and teach individuals about Christian doctrines and principles to shape them into becoming well vexed in the knowledge of the bible, to become leaders and Christ-like individuals.

What do you know about Christianity? How knowledgeable are you about the Bible, sometimes you cannot find the answers on your own, that is why there are teachers, trainers, individuals who have read the Bible cover to cover, done research, and are ready to pass on the knowledge to you 

Below is a list of some of the best theology schools in the country, admission requirements, and some programs offered. 


Admission Requirements

Certificate – to attain a Certificate, you will need to submit your BECE certificate with good results.

Diploma- submit an SSCE/WASSCE certificate 

Degree- degree programs also require you to submit an SSCE/WASSCE certificate with good results.

Post-degree – submit a degree from an accredited university. 

Individuals who read bible related programs in Senior High School or University are more advantageous.

Theology Schools in Ghana

  • Heritage Bible Institute

Affiliated to KNUST and accredited by National Accreditation Board, Heritage Bible Institute is a preacher training school for the Churches of Christ.

Their programs include Foundations in Biblical Studies, Intermediate Studies in Ministry, Advanced Studies in Ministry, and Young Scholars Bible Training program. Enough to choose from and suitable for everyone.

located at Amasaman in Accra, there are other branches at Winneba and Koforidua.

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Call them on 020 673 0382/ 054 777 7731

Email: [email protected] 

  • Anagkazo Bible and Training Ministry 

Founded by the presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Anagkazo was established to train men and women to understand the word of God, teach and work for God. They offer diplomas, degrees, and certificates in Theology within a year. 

There are online courses available to local and international students.

The school is located at Mampong, Suhum. 

For more information, call 055 746 7460/ 059 231 9140

Email: [email protected] 

  • Trinity Theological Seminary

Located at Legon, Accra, Trinity Theological seminary aims to train individuals in the knowledge of God and offers short courses, Bachelor of Theology, Certificate in Ministry, Masters of Arts, and Graduate Programs.

It is a premier and leading Christian school to educate and train individuals for the ordained ministry and professional and spiritual growth. 

Call them on 030 2995 5569/050 397 4649

Email: [email protected] 

  • School of Theology and Ministry: Baptist University College

School of theology aims at teaching people to pursue knowledge of God’s nature and provide an environment that cultivates spiritual maturity. They offer Diploma and Degree programs, Masters of Arts in ministry, Bachelor in theology and music, and others.

Located at Asem-Kumasi, Opposite Anglican Senior High School. 

For more information, call them on 026 549 8983/ 054 906 2092

Email: [email protected] 

  • Perez University College

Founded by Bishop Charles Agyin-asare of the Perez Chapel International, Perez University College is a co-ed Christian school that offers certificate, diploma, and undergraduate courses whose main objective is to be a top-class Christian entrepreneurial university that has national local, and international influence. 

Location: Pomadze- winneba 

Call them 055 831 8234/ 033 2094 905


  • Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training College

Rhema Bible Training College says they are here to help you fulfill your God-given destiny. Students are thought by anointed instructors that will help them build a solid understanding of the word of God.  Their main goal is to help “train and equip leaders for the effective work of the ministry”.

They offer bible-based doctrinal courses and over 40 other courses.

Located at Ash Bread Street(old barrier)

Call for more information on 054 907 7670/ 050 873 6334

Email: [email protected] 

  • CDM Bible College

CDM is a bible school that aims at producing Christ-like disciples makers to fulfill their calling from God. They are located at Kweiman and offer a variety of certificate, diploma and degree courses. They offer outreach programs, online and satellite programs.  

Contact: 024 864 5688

Email: [email protected] 

Education is key to acquiring more knowledge. Most pastors and bishops jump into practice without proper education on understanding the word of God, what to teach and how to explain thoroughly to their congregants. The more reason why fake prophets abound in our system, extorting money from ignorant people.

Reading the Bible cover to cover is very different from understanding it. Sometimes the meanings to verses can be found at a different part of the Bible, many people do not know this. There are literal and inferential comprehensions.

It is essential to choose only the best Christian schools that can help fulfill your calling from God. Make enough inquiries about the school you will like to go to, what programs do they offer, for how long, what about entrepreneurial opportunities? Be sure to ask yourself these questions.

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