List of ranks in the Ghana Police Service

The Ghana Police Service is one of the most important institutions in the country, as it is responsible for maintaining law and order. To ensure that the Ghana Police Service runs efficiently, it has a hierarchical structure with different ranks and positions. This article will provide a list of the various ranks in the Ghana Police Service, from the highest to the lowest. We will also give an insight into the structure and organization of the Ghana Police Service.

About the Ghana Police Service

The Ghana Police Service was first established in 1894, when the Gold Coast Constabulary was formed to provide security and maintain law and order in the region. The Constabulary was initially formed to provide protection for the British colonial government and was made up of mostly foreign personnel.

After World War II, the Gold Coast Constabulary was reorganized as the Ghana Police Force. This organization was tasked with providing security and maintaining law and order throughout the country. Since then, the Ghana Police Service has evolved over the years and has become an important component of the country’s security infrastructure.


Ghana Police Service divisions

Each region with the exception of the National Headquarters is divided into divisions. There are 51 divisions nationwide. These are further subdivided into 179 Districts and 651 Stations across the country.

Ghana Police Service ranks

The lowest rank in the Ghana Police Service is the Corporal. The highest rank in the Ghana Police Service is Superior officer, which is held by personnel at the national level. The list below shows the ranks of the Ghana police service from the lowest to the highest.

  1. Constable
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Chief inspector
  6. Subordinate Police Officer
  7. Assistant Superintendent
  8. Deputy Superintendent
  9. Superintendent
  10. Chief superintendent
  11. Assistant Commissioner
  12. Deputy Commissioner
  13. Deputy inspector general Commissioner
  14. Inspector General of police
  15. Superior officers

Roles and responsibilities of Ghana Police Service

  1. Maintaining law and order in Ghana
  2. Investigating criminal activities
  3. Protecting citizens
  4. Enforcing laws
  5. Enhancing public safety
  6. Serving the community
  7. Providing emergency services
  8. Supporting victims of crime
  9. Supervising correctional facilities

Benefits Police in Ghana enjoys

  1. Being a member of the Ghana Police Service provides a sense of security and stability for police officers. The job is highly respected and allows police officers to have a secure career.
  2. As a police officer in Ghana, you are eligible for retirement benefits including a pension plan and health benefits. This can provide financial security and peace of mind when the time comes to retire.
  3. There are many opportunities for career advancement in the Ghana Police Service. Officers can pursue higher education and obtain specialized certifications that open up more opportunities for advancement.
  4. The Ghana Police Service provides uniforms for their officers at no cost. This includes hats, shirts, trousers, shoes and other items.
  5. Police officers in Ghana receive paid vacation time after completing one year of service. This is an excellent benefit that allows officers to enjoy time off and relax with family and friends.
  6. Ghana Police Service provides education assistance for its officers. This assistance is provided in the form of scholarship funds, tuition reimbursement, and free educational classes.
  7. Police officers in Ghana are eligible for health insurance benefits. This helps ensure that officers have access to medical care when they need it.
  8. The Ghana Police Service provides legal assistance to its officers. This includes providing attorneys who specialize in law enforcement and criminal defense law.

Final words

The Ghana Police Service is a professional, effective and reliable law enforcement agency that has served the people of Ghana for many years. Its ranks are an important part of its organizational structure, as each rank is responsible for specific roles and responsibilities in the service. The list above provides an overview of the ranks in the Ghana Police Service and while there are many benefits of joining the police force, it is also a challenging career choice.

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