List of Pentecostal Churches in Ghana

When most people think of Pentecostal churches in Ghana, they imagine the colorful and often very large churches in the larger cities, such as Accra or Kumasi. However, there are quite a few smaller churches in more rural locations as well.

There are a variety of Pentecostal churches in Ghana, and each has its own set of beliefs and practices.

These churches differ in size, location, formality, and culture, but they all follow the basic tenets of Pentecostalism which were first introduced in 1905 by American minister William J. Seymour at the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles.


This article will provide you with a list of some well-known Pentecostal churches in Ghana that have thousands of members.

Who are Pentecostals?

Pentecostals are christians who believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ will occur in the near future, and that Jesus has already returned spiritually in his resurrection and ascension to heaven.

Pentecostals believe that God can be found through personal revelations from the Holy Spirit and that each person can have a direct experience with God to discover his or her own relationship with Christ.

How many Pentecostal churches are in Ghana?

As at December 2021, the Church had a total of 1,571 Districts and 18,240 local Assemblies in Ghana. The total number of administrative Areas now stands at 73.

As at December 2021, the total number of Assemblies in an external missions numbered 6,533 while that of the Districts numbered 2,915.

What was the first Pentecostal church built in Ghana

The first church building of Pentecost was built in at Asamankese in the Eastern Region of Ghana in the year 1923.

It was believed that, on 25 May 1923, aftet the Church was built, the Holy Spirit revealed himself on top of the new church building in the form of fire during a 5-week revival at Asamankese.

Who is the founder of Pentecostalism in Ghana

Apostle Peter Kwaku Mensah Newman Anim, also known as Kwaku Manasseh is credited as the originator of Pentecostalism in Ghana.

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He was born on February 4, 1890 to Simon Appiagyei (father) and Hannah Lartebea (mother) of Boso in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Who is the head of Pentecostal churches in Ghana?

Apostle Eric Nyamekye is currently the chairman of all Pentecostal affairs in Ghana.

List of Pentecostal Churches in Ghana

  1. United Pentecostal Church Internation Ghana.
  2. The Church of Pentecost.
  3. The Lord’s Pentecostal Church International, Solution Centre – Baatsona
  4. The Church of Pentecost (Odorkor Central)
  5. Church Of Pentecost, JC Quaye Assembly
  6. The Church of Pentecost, Kaneshie Central
  7. Redemption Pentecostal Church-Odorkor, Accra
  8. Church of Pentecost Love Assembly
  9. The Church of Pentecost- Adabraka
  10. Mount Olivet Assembly, Church of Pentecost
  11. Church Of Pentecost New Jerusalem Assembly
  12. The Church of Pentecost, Danquah Worship Centre
  13. Church of Pentecost, Mamprobi. Central Assembly
  14. New Light Pentecostal Church, Spintex
  15. Elim Pentecostal Gospel Church International
  16. Christ Pentecostal Int. Church, Achimota
  17. United Pentecostal Church-Vision Chapel
  18. The Church of Pentecost Darkuman Central
  19. PIWC Kaneshie
  20. PIWC Koforidua

Other top churches in Ghana were/are under Pentecostal

  1. Apostolic Church.
  2. Assemblies of God.
  3. Association of Vineyard Churches.
  4. Church of God (Cleveland)
  5. Church of God in Christ.
  6. Church of God of Prophecy.
  7. Elim Pentecostal.
  8. Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.


In conclusion, there are many churches that are part of the Pentecostal movement in Ghana. These churches can be found all over the country and each one has a different set of beliefs.

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