List of Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Ghana

There are several types of financial institutions that provides financial services apart from banks. These financial institutions often compete with traditional banks by offering products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of their clients better than what traditional banks can offer.

This makes it very important to have knowledge about these non-banking financial institutions so you can make wise decisions on where to bank or invest your money.

In this article, we will be listing non-financial institutions in Ghana to help you make the right decisions when choosing an institution to bank or do business with.

What is non-banking financial institutions


They are institutions that provide financial services without being supervised by the Bank of Ghana. Some NBFIs are unlicensed, but many are licensed and regulated.

It is estimated that there are over 100 non-banking financial institutions operating in Ghana, with many specializing in specific sectors such as microfinance or savings and loans.

List of non-Banking financial institutions in Ghana

Financial services

  1. Accent Financial Services
  2. AFB Financial Services Ltd
  3. All Time Finance Ltd. Finance
  4. ASN Financial Services Limited
  5. Blue Financial Services Ghana Ltd.
  6. Chrisline Financial Services Ltd.
  7. Crest Finance House Limited
  8. Darfin Finance Company Ltd
  9. Dream Finance Company Ltd
  10. Eximguaranty Co. (Gh) Ltd
  11. Export Finance Co. Ltd
  12. Forms Capital Limited
  13. Ideal Finance Limited
  14. IFS Financial Services Limited
  15. Izwe Loans Ltd
  16. Jislah Financial Services Financial House
  17. N.D.K. Financial Services Ltd.
  18. OAK Financial Services
  19. Profin Ghana Limited
  20. Sterling Financial Services
  21. Syndicated Capital Finance Limited
  22. TF Financial Services
  23. Express Funds International Ltd.
  24. Trans-Continental Financial Services Ltd.

Savings and loans

  1. 1st African Savings & Loans Company Ltd.
  2. ABii National Savings and Loans Ltd
  3. Adehyeman Savings and Loans Company Ltd.
  4. Adom Savings and Loans Ltd.
  5. Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd.
  6. Alpha Capital Savings and Loans Ltd
  7. Asa Savings and Loans Company Limited
  8. Assurance Savings and Loans Ltd
  9. Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd
  10. Bond Savings and Loans Ltd
  11. Bayport Savings and Loans Company Ltd.
  12. Commerz Savings and Loans Ltd.
  13. Direct Savings and Loans Limited
  14. Equity Savings and Loans Ltd.
  15. Express Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  16. First Allied Savings and Loans Co. Ltd.
  17. First Ghana Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  18. FirsTrust Savings Loans Ltd.
  19. Global Access Savings and Loans
  20. Golden Link Savings & Loans Ltd
  21. Golden Pride Savings and Loans Ltd
  22. Ivory Savings and Loans Ltd
  23. Jins Savings and Loans Ltd
  24. Legacy Capital Savings and Loans Ltd.
  25. Midland Savings & Loans Company Ltd.
  26. Multi Credit Savings & Loans Co. Ltd.
  27. Opportunity International Savings and Loans Co. Ltd
  28. Pacific Savings & Loans Co. Ltd.
  29. Pan – African Savings and Loans Company Limited
  30. Progress Savings and Loans Limited
  31. Services Integrity Savings and Loans Ltd.
  32. SIC Life Trust Savings and Loans Ltd.
  33. Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  34. The Seed Funds Savings and Loans Ltd
  35. uniCredit Savings and Loans Ltd.
  36. Utrak Savings and Loans Ltd
  37. Women’s World Banking – Savings and Loans Company Ltd
  38. Ghana Leasing Co. Ltd
  39. Leasafric Ghana Ltd.
  40. Dalex Finance and Leasing Company Ltd.
  41. F & D Finance and Leasing Company Limited
  42. SDC Finance and Leasing Company Ltd.
  43. TG Finance and Leasing Ltd.
  44. NorthStar Home Finance Company Limited

How does non-Banking financial institutions operate?

Non-banking financial institutions in Ghana operates on the same principles as banks. They provide loans to businesses and consumers, and they are mostly regulated by the Bank of Ghana.

Some non-banking financial institutions are not subject to the Banks regulations and may offer lower interest rates on loans than those offered by banks. An example is the Savings and Loans Association which has been in existence for so long.

Other examples include insurance companies, pension funds, trust companies, mortgage providers or leasing companies which offer different types of financial services with different terms and conditions.

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Are non-banking financial institutions safe

Non-banking financial institutions are an alternative to traditional banks, but they are not always a safe investment. In order to ensure that you do not fall victim to fraudulent practices, it is important that you do your research before choosing a company.


There are many options for non-banking financial institutions in Ghana. This list provides a helpful starting point for you to explore your options and find the one that best fits your needs.

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