List of Lakes in Ghana

Lakes in Ghana are man-made or significantly modified from their natural state by means of damming or excavation, primarily for use as water storage reservoirs for drinking water, hydroelectricity production, irrigation, and flood control.

In Ghana, over 35% of the country’s total surface area of 260,669 square kilometers (100,766 sq mi) is made up of artificial lakes; that is more than in any other country in the world except Canada which has 37%. Most of these dams provide drinking water to the Greater Accra and the Volta region.

There are major lakes in Ghana, the biggest being Lake Volta and Lake Bosomtwe, covering over 40% of Ghana’s total land area. Lake Bosomtwe lies on the border between Ghana and Togo and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. If you’re planning to visit Ghana, or just want to learn about the country, this list of lakes in Ghana will be useful.

What are lakes


Lake is a body of freshwater that is surrounded by land or ice, and most often the term lake refers to a natural freshwater lake. Lakes are found all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica. The word lake is also used to refer to any large body of water, including ocean bodies like the Great Salt Lake or the Dead Sea.

How many lakes are in Ghana

There are several lakes in Ghana. The largest lake is Lake Volta, which is the world’s second-largest man-made lake. Lake Volta was created with a dam to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation for nearby farms. Other major lakes include Ada, Akosombo, Keta, etc.

List of lakes in Ghana

  1. Volta Lake
  2. Lake Bosomtwe
  3. Weija Lake
  4. Lake Tadane

Volta Lake

Located in the Volta Region, this lake is the largest artificial reservoir in West Africa. The lake was created by building a dam on the Volta River to provide electricity for the nearby Akosombo Dam, which provides electricity and water to most of Ghana. Originally named Lake Akosombo, it was renamed Lake Volta when the country became a republic in 1960.

Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosumtwe is the only natural lake in Ghana. It is situated within an ancient impact crater that is about 10.5 kilometers (6.5 mi) in diameter. It is connected to other waterways through natural channels that flow into it from the Great Bosomtwe River which flows northwards to reach Lake Bosomtwe from where it takes its name. The lake has a maximum length of 5.3 miles and 5.0 miles in width while the average depth is 148 feet. The lake is located to the South-east of Kumasi within an old crater believed to have been formed by a striking asteroid. The crater is estimated to have a diameter of 6.5 miles while that of the lake is 5 miles.

Weija Lake

The Weija lake is the biggest in the Greater Accra Region, located in Weija, in Accra, and also close to the Weija dam. The lake plays a major role in the lives of the people of Accra, Whiles many fish in it, others also depend on it for irrigation purposes. Several houses are built around the lake and there are fears that, in some years to come, the lake can deplete.

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Lake Tadane

Lake Tadane is found in the Western Region of the Jomoro District. The lake is known for being part of the livelihood of the Nzulezu village. The Nzulezu village is a small village built on the lake Tadane. The lake also produces fish for the people of the village which is what they depend on as their livelihood.

Others are:

  1. River Tano
  2. River Oti
  3. River Pra
  4. Afram Plains
  5. Bia River
  6. Tano River
  7. Nini River
  8. Ankobra River
  9. Pra River
  10. Ofin River
  11. Birim River
  12. Anum River
  13. Ayensu River
  14. Densu River
  15. Angongwi
  16. Todzie River
  17. Afram River
  18. River Asukawkaw
  19. Mo River
  20. Atakora River

How many man-made lakes do we have in Ghana?

Ghana has two major lakes: 1 Man-made – Volta and 1 Natural – Bosomtwe. Lake Volta is man-made while Lake Bosomtwe is a natural water body.

What is the largest artificial lake in Ghana?

The Akosombo Dam, also known as the Volta Dam, is on the Volta River in southeast Ghana. At 124m tall and 660m long, the structure holds back the waters of Lake Volta, which is the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area. The Lake Volta reservoir covers a third of Ghana’s land area with a total of 8,502km².

Is Lake Bosomtwe natural or artificial?

Lake Bosumtwi is the only natural lake in Ghana. It is situated within an ancient impact crater that is about 10.5 kilometers (6.5 mi) in diameter.


Ghana is a country that has many beautiful lakes, and so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones for your enjoyment.

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