List of Emergency Numbers in Ghana

Emergency Numbers are very important for the safety of people in a given society. In Ghana, the government has introduced 2, 4, and 5 digit numbers you can call emergency.

These numbers are easy to memorize and are always active. You can call them even when you can no talk time on your mobile phone.

You can also call them on a locked phone.
It is important to memorize emergency numbers in case of an accident, unforeseen misfortunes, or to make a complaint.


When you witness an accident, you will need to contact the ambulance service immediately, sometimes after giving first aid. Call the police If you notice malicious activities in and around your vicinity.

And in case of a fire outbreak or an arson, be sure to call the fire service of Ghana. Below are their numbers.

The government of Ghana introduced 112 earlier in 2020 as the general emergency number to make it easier to contact any of the services.

But the numbers used before are still very active, and you can call them anytime for assistance. Do not prank call any of these numbers.

Here are the emergency numbers in Ghana:

  • Police – 112/ 191/ 18555
  • Fire – 112/ 192
  • Ambulance – 112/193
  • Coronavirus Hotline – 112

First Aid

First aid is an immediate treatment given to someone who has just met an accident to alleviate pain and possible infections while waiting for an ambulance. Every household needs to know how to give first aid. It can prevent death and more dangerous and life-threatening complications.


A fracture is a broken bone from a fall or a hit. When someone suffers a fracture, the area should be immobilized(not allowed to move). You can put a clean cloth around it to hold it in place. Someone should call the ambulance immediately for medical assistance.


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When someone is seizing, you should loosen anything around their neck. Please do not put anything in their mouth and clear the area around them to avoid accidents. You can also hold them on their side to avoid choking. Then call the ambulance for medical assistance.


Hold the injury under cold running water or put in saltwater. Avoid touching the burn area, study the degree and cover up with clean sheets to prevent hypothermia. For serious burns to a large part of the body, call the ambulance for medical assistance.

Cut and Scrapes

Clean the cut with lukewarm water to stop the bleeding, and apply antibiotic ointment if you have any. Cover with a bandage.


Wipe the person with a wet cloth, fan them or sprinkle cold water on them. You can also elevate their feet while doing so.

Heart Attacks

Call an ambulance, then check if the patient is unresponsive or not breathing. When you settle on the fact that the patient is not breathing, you then perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to help the patient until the medical team arrives.

It is important to keep a first aid kit at home for such emergencies. Remember that the ambulance service emergency number is 193. Call them to save a life today.

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