List of Different Nurses Uniform Styles in Ghana

There are different types of nurse uniform styles in Ghana, each serving a different purpose and also adapting to the needs of the individual nursing specialty.

Nursing in Ghana is a very attractive work and it is a field cherished by most people in the country. Nurses in Ghana wear uniforms in order for them to be recognized as health practitioners and to differentiate themselves from other field workers.

In this article, we will be talking about the different styles of Nurse uniforms in Ghana.

Who is a Nurse?


A nurse is a trained health professional with the sole aim of providing health care and health support to patients.

Role of a Nurse

  1. Providing the best health care to patients
  2. Monitoring patient’s conditions
  3. Administering appropriate medication
  4. Giving patients education about healthcare
  5. Maintaining medical records
  6. Meeting the patient’s needs with the help of other health officers.

The Nurses Uniforms

Nurses don’t wear the same uniform in Ghana. Even though they are all nurses, there are ranks and different fields that are designated with the type or color of uniform you will wear.

A degree nurse will not be wearing the name uniform as a diploma nurse. A nursing student will have some differences in her uniform compared to a graduate nurse who is working. That is how it goes.

Different Nurse’s uniform styles

Types of NursesUniform and Belt Colour
Director of Nursing ServicesWears mauve/red
Principal Nursing OfficersWears Green
Senior Nursing OfficersWears Blue
Nursing OfficersWears White
MidwivesWears Black
District Director of Nursing ServicesWears white uniform
Senior Nursing OfficersWears Blue Uniform
Degree NursesWears white uniform
Diploma NursesWears green uniform with a white collar
Certificate NursesWears green uniform with a green collar
Theatre NursesWear Scrubs
Nurse PractitionersThe attire of choice. No specific given uniform
Community Health NursesWears brown uniform
Degree MidwivesWears white uniform with a black belt
Diploma MidwivesWears green uniform with a black belt
Degree Nursing StudentsWears white top and white pants
Diploma Nursing StudentsWears green uniform with white arm stripes

The above is the approved and known attire for Nurses in Ghana. However, some nursing facilities, mostly private ones choose to wear different colors and styles to differentiate themselves.

Types of Nursing roles

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  1. Nurse midwife
  2. Clinical nurse
  3. Registered nurse
  4. Nursing research
  5. Licensed practical nurse
  6. Oncology nurse
  7. Intensive care unit nurse
  8. Neonatal nurse
  9. Orthopedic nurse
  10. Emergency room nurse
  11. Operating room nurse
  12. Psychiatric nurse
  13. Travel Nurse
  14. Public health nurse
  15. Nutrition and fitness nurse
  16. Flight nurse
  17. Geriatric nurse
  18. Pediatric nurse

What is the head Nurse called?

In most countries, the head nurse is called the Chief Nursing Officer. She is the highest-ranked nurse. Their job is mostly administrative and supervisory.

Why do Nurses wear white?

The color white has a positive significance and meaning. White stands for purity, innocence, cleanliness, honesty, and faith. As a health officer who has the lives of others in your hands, all these qualities must in instilled in you and that can be a reason why the color white goes for nurses and doctors.


It might not be important but it is mild necessary to know the nurses, their ranks and uniform types in order to know how to address them whenever you spot one and I am sure this article can be your best guide.

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