List of Continental Dishes in Ghana

While many of us are familiar with Ghanaian staples such as Jollof Rice and Fufu, the full breadth of our culinary culture can be difficult to explore if you’re not actually in Ghana.

And just like the country’s varied topography and culture, you’ll find dishes from all over Africa in Ghana’s kitchens and restaurants, reflecting their location as well as their ethnic makeup.

Whether you’re planning on vacationing here soon or just want to get a taste of what it would be like to eat the delicious foods we have to offer, here are some of the most popular continental dishes in Ghana that you should try while visiting.

What are continental dishes


The term continental dish is used to refer to any food that originates from continental Europe. They are term used to describe European styled cooking. There are many different types of dishes that fall into this category, and they vary depending on the country they come from.

List of continental dishes in Ghana

  1. Ghana Jollof rice.
  2. Waakye.
  3. Banku and okro soup.
  4. Fufu and soup
  5. Tuo Zaafi.
  6. Corn porridge
  7. Rice water porridge
  8. Kenkey and fried fish.
  9. Kelewele.
  10. Omotuo with groundnut soup
  11. Plantain with kontomire stew
  12. Wasawasa
  13. Tubaani
  14. Kokonte, etc.

What is Ghana’s favourite food

Ghanaians are divided into tribes and each tribe has their favourite. The Ashantis favourite is fufu with soup. The Gas like Kenkey with pepper and fish. The Ewe likes Akple with pepper and fish.

The Northners likes Tuozaafi with their favorite soup. The Akyems and Akuapems likes fufu with soup and they also like plantain with kontomire stew. It goes on and on.

But mmajority of Ghanaians regardless the tribes are fans of fufu with their favorite soup. Mostly goat soup or chicken soup.

Where in Ghana can you get continental food?

In a country as big as Ghana, there are many cities that have restaurants that serve various continental dishes. Also, various households can easily prepare your favorite continental dish with ease and that is if you have a family or a friend in town when you are in the country as a foreigner. Getting a continental dish in Ghana is very easy.


Ghana’s continental dishes are one of a kind. If you’ve not had any before, then its worth trying. If you are a really intaker too, then I guess you understand when I say one of a kind.

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