List of Blood Tonics in Ghana

Everyone needs to consume some blood tonic once in a while, women especially. These blood tonics help to create more red blood cells in the body. It uses vitamins and other essential minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc to help maintain blood levels, which are essential to the health of every individual. 

Regular blood tonics to help maintain blood levels also helps to increase appetite for food, prevent anaemia, reduce fatigue, maintain proper weight and reduce stress levels in adults and children. There are many blood tonics on the market today—some containing a wide range of vitamins and minerals and others cyproheptadine to assist weight gain.

Below are blood tonics on the market that you can purchase today;

  • Nexcofer blood tonic and capsules
  • Zincofer blood tonic and capsules
  • Durol blood tonic
  • Jarifan 2 blood tonic
  • Haemovite blood tonic and capsules
  • Foligrow blood tonic
  • Fine life blood tonic
  • Feroglobin blood tonic
  • Bioferon blood tonic
  • Tatoron blood tonic
  • Pinoplex fortified blood tonic
  • Danglobin blood tonic
  • Tot’héma
  • Rescofer blood tonic
  • Ferobin blood tonic
  • Astyfer blood tonic

There is a difference between blood tonics and syrups. Blood tonics have less sugar in them and are used purposely to make more red blood cells and distribute essential minerals to the body. On the other hand, Syrups also give some blood but are used to cure other ailments, such as weight loss, reduced stress levels, attention deficit and hypersensitive disorders. Some are used as an antihistamine as well, among other things.

Syrups make you drowsy.

Below are some blood syrups in Ghana;

  • Heptopep syrup
  • Heptolif
  • Cyfen syrup
  • Cyprodine syrup
  • Tres-Orix Forte
  • Apetamin syrup
  • Vigorix syrup
  • Dynewell syrup
  • Oraxin syrup
  • Appeactin B
  • Aptizoom

Side Effects of Blood Tonics

Blood tonics, like any other medication, have side effects. A few common ones are allergic reactions, flatulence, black stool, stomach pain, weight gain, nausea and more. These symptoms are common with anyone consuming a blood tonic at a time and are normal.

As stated above, the syrups make you drowsy and nauseous. Hence you are advised not to take it when you have a job that requires you to move around a lot. It is also not usually recommended for children because of how dull it can make them.

Where to Buy Blood Tonics in Ghana

You can buy blood tonics in all pharmacies and licensed medical shops in Ghana. Each with its price. Apart from that, there are many pharmacies on wheels nowadays. An instance is AddPharma online pharmacy. All you need to do is visit their website, search for the blood tonic you wish to buy and have it delivered to you at a fee. Easy and secure.

Who Can Take Blood Tonics?

Anyone with issues of tiredness, loss of appetite, and dizziness can consume a blood tonic. Women lose blood every month, so they are advised to eat food that boosts their blood levels. However, if they don’t have a balanced diet, blood tonics can do just the trick.

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Pregnant women and people with sickle cell anaemia should talk to their doctors or medical professionals before consuming any blood tonic.

What About Herbal Blood Tonics?

People consume herbal blood tonics because they believe it’s better than the ones tested and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority. You will do that at your own risk because many of those tonics and syrups tend to put pressure on the kidneys in the long run, and there may be ingredients that you might be allergic to but won’t know on time.


Consuming blood tonic is essential. Once every three months or less is advised. Talk to your doctor before doing so, or listen to the body all the time, to know when there are changes.

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