List of All Television Channels in Ghana & How to get them

Did you know that there are over 128 digital stations on your television? Individuals can view these stations on digital televisions, thus, LED, smart, and plasma televisions.

You can catch the digital channels on analog televisions by combining it with a suitable decoder. We will introduce you to all the television channels in Ghana.

It is essential to know these channels to understand where and when all your favorite programs are being aired.


Because of the introduction of social media, Netflix, and the likes, people don’t usually watch television, everything they may need is on their mobile phone, but once in a while, you can have specific programs that tickle your fancy, for instance, Date Rush on TV3, Di Asa on Atinka Tv, News on Citi Tv or the never-ending action movies on MBC 2.

Below is a list of television stations in Ghana.

List of Channels

  1. TV3 Ghana
  2. Metro TV
  3. TV Africa
  4. ETV Ghana
  5. Pan African TV
  6. Max TV
  7. Kessben TV
  8. 4Syte TV
  9. Elijah TV
  10. Obonu TV
  11. Agoo TV
  12. Crystal TV Plus
  13. Crystal TV Prime
  14. Crystal TV Extra
  15. Light TV
  16. Cardinal TV
  17. DW TV
  18. Channel 247, formerly Tumpaani TV
  19. Pent TV
  20. Cash TV
  21. Adom TV
  22. Net 2 TV
  23. GTV
  24. GTV News
  25. GTV Sports Plus
  26. GL TV
  27. GHOne TV
  28. Atinka TV
  29. TV 7
  30. Kantanka TV
  31. Angel TV
  32. Zylofon TV
  33. Bryt TV
  34. Citi TV
  35. Coastal TV
  36. TV XYZ
  37. Joy Prime
  38. Cafdil TV
  39. GNTV
  40. Akuafo TV
  41. Onua TV
  42. Oceans TV
  43. New TV
  44. UTV
  45. Wontumi TV
  46. Commanding TV
  47. Garden City TV
  48. Homebase TV
  49. Fire TV
  50. Baina TV
  51. HSTV
  52. DGN
  53. EBN
  54. Variety TV
  55. Joy News
  56. BTV
  57. ITV
  58. Family TV
  59. Soul TV
  60. LS TV
  61. CTV
  62. France 24
  63. MBC 2
  64. MBC
  65. Rhema TV
  66. Praise TV
  67. Aljazeera
  68. Ice TV
  69. TV Gold
  70. Dominion TV
  71. Cine Plus
  72. TV XYZ
  73. Royal TV
  74. Yes TV
  75. Rejoice TV
  76. Zoe TV
  77. Rescue TV
  78. Amen TV
  79. Mediation TV
  80. Lifestyle TV
  81. Sankofa TV
  82. BX TV
  83. Oyerepa TV
  84. Base One TV
  85. Bohye TV
  86. ATV
  87. Sunny TV
  88. BOC TV
  89. Apam TV
  90. Daily TV
  91. Impact TV
  92. FS TV
  93. Strong TV
  94. 3 Music TV
  95. Super AI TV
  96. OSTV
  97. OTV
  98. MBC Max

These channels are divided into digital, analog, and free-to-air channels only available when your television is connected to a decoder. You can scan for these channels if you don’t already have them.

How to Scan for Digital Channels

  • Press the’ menu’ button on your television or Digibox remote control.
  • Go through the list and click on ‘settings.’
  • Scroll through the popup menu and click on ‘channel scan.’
  • Choose the ‘auto tuning’ option

The most-watched television stations in Ghana are TV3, Citi TV, Joy Prime, Adom TV, and GH One TV because of the catchy programs.

As stated above, people only watch television when their favorite program is ongoing, and others also watch it to relieve stress and learn a thing or two.

Don’t miss anything important on your television. Scan and get all your channels today. If you are a fan of local news, TV3, Joy News, GTV News, and Citi TV should be your go-to.

Aljazeera, DW TV, and France 24 will do just the trick for international news and documentaries. 4 Syte TV, Oceans TV, Atinka TV, 3 Music TV, Zylofon TV, and Channel 247 should be your go-to for music and entertainment.

You should check out MBC Max, MBC 2, DGN, EBN, and Cyrstal TV Xtra for movies. Soul TV, Cash TV, Light TV, Praise TV, Cardinal TV, and Fire TV will lock you down with religious programs.

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Everything you need to watch, your television channels have got you. All you have to do is make time to find your favorite programs.

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